Inspiration Sunday

♥ Effy Stonem
♥ Grunge rockers
♥ There is something really freeing to me about the way characters like Effy or people in bands dress - they ultimately don't care what anyone thinks of them and they are dressing for themselves. 

♥ Bows. Obsessed with bows right now. 
♥ Peter Pan collars. 
♥ Well-fitting cardigans with belts and cute floral skirts. 

♥ Heart print anything. 
♥ Bright pops of color in otherwise monochromatic outfits. 
♥ Art - journal doodles, art doodles, all kinds of doodles. 

♥ Astronomy and how it compares to astrology (sidereal versus tropical year, yo!) 
♥ Rainbow sprinkles. I like them on all variety of baked goods (cookies? Oh yeah. Cupcakes? Definitely. Cheesecake? Yes please.) 
♥ Interviewing poets. I spoke with a girl recently who graduated from my college - her poetry is clever, witty, and adorable and she is personally a super cool girl. She inspired me to work so much harder. 

♥ Lip Smackers. Probably the least hydrating lip balm ever, but I love the flavors, the bright colors, the nostalgia. I'm trying to write a poem about Lip Smackers right now without being too cutesy. (I call it Pop Culture Realism.) 
♥ Independence. 

♥ Taylor Momsen. I'll admit it, I find her endearingly annoying and precocious. She reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie: all whore eyes and trying to shock us. Someday she'll be a desperately boring celebrity just like everyone else. 
♥ All black outfits. 
♥ Fishnets stalkings. And lace stalkings.

♥ I haven't seen Black Swan yet (and I'm not sure I want to), but I'm obsessed with the outfits I've seen from it. Jeez louise, fashion explosion. 
My Strange Addiction. I'm a writer and I love people and I find this show really exploitative, but it's also really intriguing. It reveals a lot of the quirks we as a species have. I mean, we are probably the only society ever where people are addicted to sucking their thumbs, pulling out their hair, and eating soap/detergent/chalk/etc. I mean, really. So many good story ideas. Hopefully that doesn't make me an awful person. 

What's inspiring you this week? 


  1. I used to LOVE lipsmackers (I still like the juicy tubes they have!)but upgraded to Blistex haha, they have some fabulous flavored ones like Raspberry lemonade (I tried the cult favorite EOS and it just didn't hydrate my lips like Blistex at all). Cheesecake with sprinkles? I'm a huge fan of cheesecake and sprinkles but have never had them together haha. I have a childlike obsession with bows too. And ahhh I love how I knew half of these from Twitter. :P

  2. I miss these posts!! Just creeping through your sidebar archives, nbd.


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