Style Inspiration: Effy Stonem

I started watching Skins during the summer, when the first two seasons become available on instant watch. I was immediately obsessed, especially with the fashion choices of the entire cast.

But it wasn't until Series 3 when I really locked my sights on a style I really loved: Effy Stonem. She's a neo-grunge punklet who favors baggy tops and bare legs, girly pieces mixed with tough leather staples, and whose mysterious personality is only heightened by her risque sense of style.

I love how Effy takes cute pieces - like the chiffon dress, above - and toughens them up with leather jackets, motorcycle boots, and lots of jewelry. 

I couldn't find a good photo of it, but her first outfit of Series 3 is one of my favorites - a purple chiffon top, too much jewelry, and fishnets. Grungy, simple, and risque. 

Of course, the influence of the late 1980s in unmistakable in Effy's style. It's grungy-dirty-rocker and sweet little girl - a little Madonna and a little Nirvana. 

Dress - Damaris, All Saints. Jacket - Forever 21. Motorcycle Boots - Charlotte Russe. Layered Necklace - 1928 Jewelry

Effy's style screams coolness and confidence. Effy is quiet and mysterious - the color palettes of her outfits mirror this, with their dark, almost muddied, colors. Black and gray are staples, occasionally mixed with pops of color. A short dress in dark gray paired with a leather jacket and tough motorcycle boots make a great outfit; pair with a bright, pretty layered necklace (the longer the better) and grungy flyaway hair for the ultimate Effy look. 


  1. Nice post! I love Effy's character. She pulls of the style so well.

  2. I've never seen Skins but she looks great! A toned down Taylor Momsen. And random but I love the newspaper print in the Polyvore set!

  3. @ Alyse: Thank you for the comment! I love Effy so much. Her style really reflects her personality, it's such good writing!

    @ Elle, Skins is the best! A little wild, but really great! Random, but Polyvore has new temples now, where you can stick in your outfit pieces and make it look like a magazine. Fancy!

  4. oh my goodness i just started watching skins (it is totally wild and shocking which took me a little while to get used to) and i love her style so much, i seriously need to get a pair of motocycle boots!!

  5. the outfit where effys wearing that cross necklace and the black ruffliesh tutu skirt, wat episode was that fromm?

  6. I love Effys Style!! She's my favorite character. One of the only one they kept in the series for longer than 2 seasons. Thanks for posting!=D

  7. I agree with you, she can pull out such a kick ass outfit from very feminine clothes ^^ her looks really inspired me, i just bought 5 chiffon dresses to use them under baggy sweaters and my leather jacket, i had to save a lot of money to buy those though x)
    lovely post, thanks for sharing dear ^^

    Love * Monstros no Armário


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