Things I Love

1. Chocolate eclairs. This doesn't even need an explanation. 

2. Working out twice in one day. See chocolate eclairs. 

3. Conversations with Nicole. They pretty much make my life better. We discussed how she was going to soak her new piercing (her nose!) with saline solution (I suggested a shot glass? Or a wash cloth...) and how she was going to blow her nose. We also talked about how I could stay involved. 

4. Planetariums. Personally, the physics aspect of astronomy is really overrated and honestly pretty boring. But I love planetariums. If I could hang out in one for an entire day, just watching the night sky go by, I think I would understand more about astronomy than reading it out of a textbook. Truth. 

5. Tube socks filled with rice & then microwaved. The ultimate secret to staying warm without wasting energy. 

6. Searching for great desktop photos on We Heart It.

7. Harry Potter. I have to make this statement: The Harry Potter universe is very difficult for me to leave. Because I suffer from depression and I'm a creative writer, I have an intense imagination and a bent towards escapism. I really wish I lived in the Harry Potter world... and I revisit it whenever I can. 

8. the Dude & the Dudettes. This is my nickname for my closest guy friend & my closest girl friends. They always make me feel better, even when I feel like I'm being ignored (they are usually just sleeping). They are also very good at psychoanalyzing me. 

9. This tumblr post. I love Emma Watson (a lot - her hair is great right now, although, girl, beware the grow out). And it doesn't surprise me that she had a crush on Mr. Felton. I did too. We all did. 

10. "Stop apologizing, Michelle." Megan cracks me up. Whenever someone complains, I say, "I'm so sorry!" It's usually the only thing I can think to say. But people usually take it seriously and say, "oh it's ok!" Sometimes I have to be reminded to just... stop apologizing. 

11. If you haven't watched, read, or at least heard President Obama's speech, here are some highlights. And seriously, find a video or podcast of it. It was so moving. A great quote: 
"It's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds."

12. Hand Relief for Stressed Skin, by Aveda. If you get ridiculously dry hands during the winter, this is the ultimate lotion to use during the day. Aveda products are all natural and some of the best I've ever used - a bit expensive, but they give a percentage of all sales to help the environment. 

13. Kate Nash. Recently discovered this lovely songstress and can't stop buying her music on iTunes. 

14. This article is really long, but totally worth the read. The subject is really interesting to me. I remember reading about Semenya and feeling awful about what she was going to - she didn't "cheat", it wasn't intentional, and it just made me so mad. I remember wanting to just yell at people to leave her alone! But this article is great and raises some very interesting points. 

15. You. Thank you for reading my blog, for being my friend, and always coming back. ♥  


  1. ...I do #10 all the time... Seriously I don't know why. And yet I hate it when i get apologies after telling a sad story (something about pity really bothers me...) Anyway... and aww. I was wondering who you meant when you reference a dude. Now I know. hahaha.

  2. Thank YOU for writing a great blog, being my friend, and always giving me a blog to come back to.

  3. Ok, I officially have to start a feature like this. It's always so cute and cheerful :) My #1 this week? Key lime pie. Yum.

  4. @ Elle. Ha ha, The Dude said I was probably confusing everyone. I just like calling him The Dude (TM). :]

    @Jeanni, Thank you so much for reading! It's always great to hear from you!

    @Amber. I'm so awful about my diet, but I tell myself that because i work out a lot, it's ok? Chocolate eclair is totally cancelled out by jogging a mile.

    @Sarah. I love doing Things I Love posts - it's a great way to refocus on what's good - rather than what's not so good!

    <3 Michelle


Thank you for reading my blog! :]
xo Michelle

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