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Top, Forever 21 // Shorts, American Eagle // Belt, Tights, and Boots, Target

Not to keep harping on my thumb or anything, but you know what's hard to do without using your thumb? Buttons. Not even kidding. I was originally going to wear my plaid button up and I spent about ten minutes undoing the buttons on it. My thumb is getting closer and closer to "useable," however. You guys have no idea how excited I am for that. I can bend it and everything!

You know what else I'm excited for? A bridal show. Yep! My mom and I are going to a bridal show tonight and I couldn't be more pumped for it!! Ok, maybe I'm not that excited, but I do think it will be fun, even if I don't go with anything that is actually displayed there. I just want to get some ideas, mostly. 

I feel really good lately. I've been getting enough sleep, figuring out what I need to start a photography business, and generally just doing things that will make me happy, rather than explicitly miserable. I really do think I will be happiest just working for myself, but I don't really have the know how to really get it started or figure out what to do. We'll see what happens, but I really want this to be a new part of my life. I'm just ready to be what I want to be -- and I do think I would be most successful working just for myself. No need to impress anyone (who doesn't want to be impressed), except customers!

This outfit came to me out of nowhere. I was standing in my closet, trying to decide what to put on, when I realized I'd never worn these shorts with tights. They're probably my favorite shorts, so I'm shocked with myself that I'd never worn them in a really obvious way! I know navy blue with black is kind of a taboo, but I feel like the shorts are a bright enough blue that it doesn't look awkward. I'm also wearing my current favorite nail polish -- "Jem" by Zoya, my favorite Peter Pan top, my favorite colored tights... this is another outfit of favorites! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! You're the best. :]


  1. I adore that peter pan collar top, so cute!! I always forget about shorts and tights together except for denim shorts, I should definitely try more of it =D That bridal show sounds like SO much fun, I would love to do that!!
    And Michelle, you look so much happier!! You just look amazing and happy, I'm so glad you're feeling a lot better now!

  2. I never would have thought to put a combination like this together. I love it!


  3. love that blouse!



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