I do love a good snowstorm

Dress, Forever 21 // Tights, Cardigan, belt, and boots, Target. 

I'm obviously dedicated to this blog. When I opened the door to take outfit photos (really quickly, I promised myself), it was drizzling. After a moments hesitation, "it'll just take 10 minutes!" I said. I ran outside, set up my camera, and got in position... only for it to start snowing, randomly, at an angle, from behind me. It was cold, but I hadn't expected snow! With each picture, it seemed to get worse. It was at once hilarious and really unpleasant. So keep in mind, despite the plainness of this outfit and my lackluster facial expressions, I endured a very small storm to get these pictures.

Obligatory life update: my job is going well. This is actually what I wore to work yesterday, and I received many compliments. I did, in fact, wear make up yesterday and wash my hair, two things that I actually didn't do today, so I looked considerably less rough in my place of work, I promise. I've also hit my thumb on about 40 different sharp or jagged objects today, leading to many a moment curled over grasping my poor, little thumb. Honestly, I'm way too clumsy to be nursing such an injury... but really it makes sense it happened in the first place, now that I think about it.

Today, I was going to run errands and get groceries, but considering that it's snowing like crazy outside now, I might have to postpone. (Right after I typed that, it stopped, but it's still freezing out...) The weather has been crazy lately in general, so I shouldn't be surprised. The transition from winter to spring is always weird! I do know I'm going to be doing some crafting later for further office organization, which I'm pretty excited about. That's a nice stay-at-home activity: put on a movie, make some hot cocoa, and craft until you can't anymore.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. You're the best!

(PS, if I were to do an art giveaway soon, who would be interested!?)


  1. Oooh I just love the colour of this dress Michelle. So lovely! Glad to hear your job is going well- what is it you're doing?
    Really wanna hear about your crafts too!

    Charlotte x

  2. Love love love this outfit! Always a fan of black and purple. :)


  3. I can see why you'd get compliments! Very beautiful! I'm loving the deep purple and the black-there is just something about those two colors that meshes so well.

  4. That dress is gorgeous. No wonder you got so many compliments on it!

  5. you are one committed lady! I think the pics came out great considering you endured a blizzard :)


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