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Dress, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // Jacket, H&M // Belt, Kohl's // Necklace, Multnomah Falls // Boots, Candie's

I have some amazing news!!! I got a job! A real one, that I would wear real people clothes to. Not a hat. Not a uniform. Not a smock. I'm so excited. I really don't have words to explain how much joy is just welling inside of me. It's all thanks to my friend Cassi, who deserves all the love and cookies and affection in the world. She's my new hero. 

Because I'm starting my new job today, this post was scheduled out. I was originally going to wear this outfit to the bridal show my mom and I went to yesterday, but I ended up changing at the last minute for the interview that got me hired. However, I do love this outfit -- I love this dress, my favorite blazer, my brown boots. I'm just full of love though, so I might be biased.

Right now, I feel so wonderful and confident. I don't know what else to say!! I just feel great about the world and life and everything in it. It's weird how something traumatic and devastating has lead to such a great change in my life. I quit a job that made me miserable and got a job that is ten thousand times better and probably so much more fun!! I'll be making more money, gaining more experience, and generally just doing something I'll actually feel good about. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Wish me luck at my first day at my new job! I love you all, thank you for taking this journey with me. Today marks a new chapter in my life and I'm  SO excited.


  1. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like you will be much happier. That blazer is brilliant! :)


  2. Oh gosh, congratulations! I know how exhausting and discouraging the 'working a crap drudgery job you hate' circuit is, so I have to be excited for your new one! Wow!

    Love your blazer, too!

  3. I do have to say congrats on the new job! ;3

    I really love the dress!

  4. I'm late in finding out but... congrats! That's such great news :)


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