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Top, Belt, Skirt, and Oxfords, Forever 21 // Jacket, H&M
My nails are currently "Noel" by Zoya with "Frenzy" glitter accent 

Yes, more snow. I can't even begin to describe how frustrating I find the snow. Ok, and it's kind of pretty. But I've moved on. I thought it was Spring or something. C'mon, Oregon. What is the deal?

I wore this outfit last week to work -- minus the denim jacket and a navy cardigan instead -- and I really loved it. I love this top. And I love my midis. However, I should admit that lately my wardrobe has felt very ho-hum. I'm not buying into the pastel trend, so I feel like I'm lagging behind in terms of trendiness. I just... I don't like pastels. They look great on some people, but I personally can't convince myself to buy them. I also don't like the recent sheer trend because I really don't like people seeing my bra on a regular basis and, frankly, I don't like seeing other people's bras when I'm trying to grocery shop. Just saying. 

So basically, my wardrobe feels like it's in a weird winter rut -- sort of like Oregon's weather -- that I can't pull myself out of because I don't like any of the new Spring clothes that are in stores. Except for polka dots. But let's be real -- I've got enough polka dots. 

On the plus side of all plus sides, Danny will be here tomorrow!! I'm so excited, I really don't have words to express it. I'm looking forward to spending time with him, cooking dinner and watching movies and generally being able to be, like, a real couple or something. The best part is, even though he has to leave on Wednesday... he'll be back in May. That's the shortest amount of time we've been apart so far. And in May, he gets to stay. There is no departure date. That's really the best part.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I'm staying bundled up until I have to check the weather and road conditions in a few hours. You should see all the poor daffodils -- they're buried! Boo, snow, boo.


  1. my goodness, I cant believe how much snow you guys got! Well you look great despite the cold.

  2. Well that's weird. I'm up in Canada right now and it's summer-hot, people wandering around in shorts and tank tops. Crazy weather! And don't you mean a wonderful Thursday? :) Have a great time with your guy!

  3. I'm jealous of your snow. We haven't had any down in Southern California. You look lovely!


  4. I won't lie and say I don't want snow because I do, just not a lot. You look lovely as always ;3


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