Happy birthday, Chase!

Today is my nephew Chase's 3rd birthday. I really can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I flew home from Idaho just a week after he was born! But now, he's a big brother, almost a preschooler, and a lover of all things with wheels. (But he especially loves monster trucks -- just so you know!) 

He is a smart, funny little boy -- if a little argumentative! Sometimes, he drives me crazy, but mostly he just makes me laugh. He loves his little brother (even if he is a little too rough sometimes) and he's gotten much better at sharing in the last few months. Sweet, curious, and stubborn -- he definitely reminds me of my grandpa sometimes! 

I love being able to watch him grow up and learn about the world. Happy birthday, Chase!

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  1. really nice pictures. I like how they are chronological order!


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