Happy Spring!

Top & Skirt, Forever 21 // Floral heels, Unionbay via Kohl's // Hat, Forever 21. 

I wore this outfit to work last week, on a really nice, almost-warm day. As you can tell, today is not a nice, almost-warm day. It was drizzling when I went outside and after taking one set of pictures, started pouring. Not very conducive to photography! I think this is the quickest I've ever taken outfit photos that I actually like. 

I feel like everything I've posted lately has been a midi-skirt! I'm kind of obsessed with the three I have and I do wear them a lot. Like, all the time. I especially like this one because it is so bright and springy. I'm so ready for nice weather. I loved this outfit though -- I love this polka dot top. It was such an impulse purchase last summer, but I've worn it a lot through a bunch of seasons. So it was a good investment, definitely. 

It's officially Spring! This means that Oregon won't actually change that much. Other places might experience warmer temperatures and less rain, but not here. Okay, maybe the temperatures will adjust from mid-40s to upper-40s... but that's about it. I had forgotten just how soggy Oregon can get. Definitely a wee problem when it comes to outfit photos. 

I never realized that other places had stereotypical springs until I lived in Idaho. I had started to think that "Spring" was one of those manufactured seasons -- like, it doesn't really happen. It'd be nice to have a transition between Winter and Summer, but eh. Then I went to Idaho and it turns out that some places do have a nice little transition. Not just going from rain everyday to Summer without a blink. And in mid-June. Or late-June. Or sometimes mid-July. Oregon's finicky that way! 

Danny will be here in THREE DAYS. I've been cleaning the house today like a mad woman -- I'm washing my bedding, I've vacuumed the whole house, I've swept and mopped the bathroom, and I plan on cleaning out my fridge (to make room for more food) and cleaning my kitchen really well. I love cleaning, but I very rarely get to it because... it is cleaning after all, but when people visit, I like to have a really clean house. Even if it is Danny. And he probably doesn't care much. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and a great first day of spring! 


  1. such a pretty skirt. Shame you dont get to enjoy spring but high 40s isnt that bad.

  2. I love your midis :) And this one is such a gorgeous fresh colour! You look lovely. I'm SO looking forward to the warm weather too! I'm glad you get to see Danny soon! xx

  3. I'm starting to envy your polka dot collection! That beret would look so good next to my others, I have a green skirt that would be sisters with that one, it's just longer.
    Good luck with the cleaning, I have my super OCD days when I must dust everything, scrub even more.

    Love from Jo'burg

  4. I love your skirt! And I know what you mean about Oregon weather, these last few days where I am have been nasty..snow, hail, rainstorm, you name it! Haha.


    1. Can we talk about the ice storm that is going on today? It's been raining freezing rain at my house since 6am. Terrifying.

  5. I love the polka-dot & bright skirt combo! It looks so gorgeous. I'm very much the same when it comes to vistors & a clean house. I always told my Mum I would never turn out that way when I was growing up, but I did. Have fun with Danny!

  6. I love all your midi-skirts but I totally know what you mean. I was wearing the same high-waisted skirts for a while because I loved them so much so I've been trying to branch out but they have become such a staple article in my closet.


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