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Skirt, Forever 21 // Sweater, Old Navy (from my sister!) // Pumps, Target
Nail polish is Bada Bing Cherry by O.P.I. 

Danny update: still having the time of my life. Yesterday, we made ravioli with meat sauce and feta cheese for dinner. This morning, biscuit, egg, and bacon sandwiches. Later today, we'll probably have something else delicious. Undoubtedly. 

As a random aside, does anyone know how to re-iron pleats into skirts? Some of the pleats in this new skirt came out yesterday while I was at work and I'm not sure what to do about it! You can see the spot in this first picture -- it's where the skirt sits on top of my knee when I cross my legs! Should I just deal with it, wash it, or try to re-iron? Hm. 

As I mentioned, I just got this skirt Sunday! I picked it out and Danny loved it, so of course I had to get it... right? I wore it to work Monday. I love midis! They're just so comfortable. I can bend over and run and pretty much do whatever I want in them. 

Also, new shoes! I got these last Tuesday but hadn't gotten a chance to photograph them yet -- it'd been too wet and rainy. I wore them to work and to meet Danny and his family for dinner on Friday though, so they got a nice outing then! I love that they are a low wedge -- easy to walk in, still super flattering. Plus, I love the retro, rounded toe. 

I can already predict the another polka dot skirt!? thoughts that are already welling, but what can I say? I love polka dots! Some girls have a lot of florals. Some girls a lot of solids. I have a lot of polka dots. I just... love them! Favorite pattern. Plus, this skirt is a nice spring-y green (it photographs more aqua, but it's more green-y in real life!) and the polka dots are actually mint green -- so I'm really hitting three trends, dots and pastels and midis, all in one go. I just love this skirt! It's pretty much perfect: just romantic and pretty and fun, all at once. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Today is also my nephew's birthday, so I'm sure we'll do something fun for that -- Danny and I bought him a present Sunday and I can't wait for him to open it! 


  1. That is a lovely skirt, and this whole outfit looks great on you, you're such a pretty lady. I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time with Danny... and eating such tasty food!

  2. Love your skirt! You do indeed rock the polka-dots. What's the skirt made of? If it's synthetic with heat-set pleats, I had the same problem a while ago and asked over here: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf61928483.tip.html Some of the responses look good, but they're so labor-intensive!

    Do be careful about throwing it in the dryer: that's how my pretty pleated skirt turned into a shapeless sack in the first place. :(

  3. That skirt is absolutely brilliant. The color is lovely and polka dots and length are so flattering on you. Your shoes are cute too. I'm love wedge heels!


  4. Hmm... I don't know how to deal with unraveling pleats, but I think it's hardly noticeable. I certainly didn't notice it until you pointed it out. Such a lovely skirt!

  5. Its such a lovely skirt. I hope you can get the pleats back. I would say try and iron it but I wonder if that may make other pleats come out...what about the dry cleaner?

  6. I just found your blog via your post on amber rose's blog (effective writing and professionalism) - I really enjoyed reading it! And I admire how honest you treated this story with your stalker - not that I have this problem, but I was already thinking about it, and so I never publish my real last name with the blog, but you can see on some photos where I live, I mean in which street and which building, because I take some photos on the balcony if I want to capture an outfit quickly. But I only have very few readers of my town (Munich, Germany), but if the stalker-problem should ever occur, I'm glad I have now something (your post) to deal with it.
    And besides that - sorry for this long text that has nothing to do with this post - I'm very happy I found your wonderful blog! I followed you via bloglovin - and must say this outfit here is wonderful, the skirt is beautiful in this turquoise green color and the pleats. I know your problem, I don't have "good ironing skills" and so, sadly, I don't buy skirts like this because I just can't deal with ironing them...

    xxx Anita

  7. gorgeous outfit... found you lovely blog through twitter #fbloggers. love your style lovely! :)
    Rachel x


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