Old favorites

Button up, Macy's // Jacket, H&M // Shorts, Forever 21 // Tights and Boots, Target // Bracelet, Mom's. 

Please ignore that I'm wearing my glasses in this picture. I forgot to take them off. Also, please note that it is snowing/raining/hailing in these pictures. 

I was determined to take outfit photos today. Hell or high water, I told myself, I will take outfits photos. I felt indecisive about my outfit, until I dug through my skirt and short drawer to find these. My plaid shorts that I wore about once a week last winter. I distinctly remember wearing them to my art history class, with tights and my bunny print sweater. And yet, this winter, they went buried under skirts and summer shorts. How could I forget about them? I love them! They are the perfect short to pair with tights. I got the idea for this outfit from Lucky magazine, but also not really. I just wanted to wear these shorts and a button-up and blazer seemed like the natural solution to my outfit dilemma. 

I recently read Delightfully Tacky's tips on taking outfit photos. At first, I told myself, "I already do those things! And sometimes my photos still come out bad!" Well, today I challenged myself to test them out and you know what? So much better. I still need to branch out, find new locations, and experiment with poses and perspective. But I felt like a pro taking pictures today. Hint: I used an empty grocery bag to place where I was standing to focus on. It made my life so much simpler and I could experiment with locations and movement. Also, using self-timer with multi-shot. 

I don't have much else to write about. I've been pretty sick -- yesterday, I got sent home from work again, because I am both stubborn and hate calling in. Today, I feel a lot better though, even if I still have a cough. I know what you're thinking, crazy girl going out in the snow/rain/hail to take pictures. But colds are caused by viruses, y'all. Don't you judge me. I'm now curled up on the couch, eating popcorn, watching Harry Potter and wondering what to make for dinner. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Love your look , nice shorts and boots, you are lovely and very cute !

  2. These photos look really great Michelle! I also really really love this outfit, I have a pair of shorts like this too and this outfit is great inspiration!

    Charlotte x

  3. Those plaid shorts are very cute. I like how you paired the shorts with boots and tights! :)

  4. I love it when I find something that I used to wear all the time that I've forgotten about! It's a way better feeling than buying something new, but it has a similar effect, lol. I love the shorts with tights & a blazer, looks very nice.

  5. I'm also off sick this week, no Harry for company though... Hope you get better soon.

    Love from Jo'burg

  6. cute shorts. Glad you found them :) I recently rearranged some stuff in my dresser drawers and found so many pairs of pants that I just plain forgot about. Love it when that happens. Its like shopping but free.

  7. I love this outfit and the hail looks really cool (though I'm sure it was probably painful). Fyi, I like you in glasses for what its worth.


  8. These photos are great, I especially love the one where you are facing to (your) right and smiling, and how clearly you can see the precipitation. It's a great outfit, it looks fantastic on you, and I really dig the boots with the dressier items. Take care of yourself girly! Work can work, your health shouldn't.


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