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Jacket, H&M // Sweater, Old Navy (from my sister) // Scarf, Open Hands // Skirt, Target // Tights and Boots, Target

This is actually an outfit I wore to work last week and I actually wore a different sweater. The one I wore is in the wash because I spilled all manner of things on it (I'm pretty good at that), but this one is really similar. At work, I tend to bundle, because I get really cold and I feel weird wearing a jacket. 

Everyone should be acquainted with my polka dot addiction by now. Can I express my joy that polka dots are apparently very in this Spring and Summer? Can I also express my frustration that every polka dot top I've found lately has been see-through? I want to like the sheer trend, but... I ... I just don't. I'm sorry. I hate camisoles and I don't really want to parade my bra around. I don't get it, y'all. 

I had to break down and buy a new pair of black tights. Mine were starting to get those little snag spots that lead to laddering and I decided to just get a new pair before things got traumatic. I still haven't found a replacement for my berry/burgundy pair of tights yet, that have a massive hole in them, but I'm on the hunt. I might have to order from We Love Colors, but I kind of don't trust them because of their modeling photos. They seem kind of... ghetto? Is it just me? It might just be me. 

I went shopping with my mom on Tuesday. I got a new cover for my iPhone -- it doesn't have a panda, like I really wanted, but it does have polka dots. Clearly, I have obsessions, guys. Pandas and polka dots. We also went to Target, where I got some placemats for my kitchen table, some movies (I might have bought all the Austin Powers movies for $7), and then some random supplies I had been putting off buying, like face powder. 

I made eggplant parmesan for my mom and me, using Sian's recipe for it. It was so good! I'd never had eggplant before, and I wasn't sure I would like it, but it was really, really good. It kind of doesn't taste like anything, except what it's cooked in. And since I fried it in olive oil and then baked it in marinara sauce and cheese, it tasted pretty freaking good!! I'm still on the hunt for other recipes to try it in. So far, I really like baking it, because that seems so easy. 

Well, my weekend ended and I'm back to work. Danny will be here in less than a week now!! I'm so excited to see him, even though I have to work while he's here. We've had a countdown to his visit pretty much since the summer -- it seems so weird that it's finally here, that our anniversary is almost here, and that he'll be moving here in just a few months. It seems like just yesterday I was crying hysterically while driving back to Oregon from Idaho! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. Those colors look great on you. Every time I see one of those skirts, it makes me want one so bad.

  2. We love Colors is actually FANTASTIC. I haven't bought a pair but I won the knee highs made from the same material by them. OMG. FAVORITE. They are the right thickness, pretty snag resistant, and come in such great colors. I know Amber swears by them. :). Also I love your scarf- you look great! Have fun with Danny!

  3. We Love Colors is the only place I will buy tights from, but I hear you on the ghetto modeling photos! I swear, though, they have awesome tights. In other news, I totally love that jacket with that sweater/skirt/scarf combo. It looks cozy and cute!


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