Photographing blind

Top and Skirt, Forever 21 // Belt, Kohl's // Tights, Target // Boots, Target

As you might notice in these pictures, I mostly have my eyes closed. It's because I couldn't see!! It was cloudy out, but so bright, and the snow so white, and I don't know... I just couldn't see. No matter what direction I faced, where I took pictures. I was blind.

I took these photos Wednesday. Because of the weather (silly weather), I massively failed at taking photos of my outfits in advance. In fact, this wasn't the outfit I planned -- but when I put on my trusty black pencil skirt, I realized it was woefully too big. I should probably just get rid of it, but I still folded it up and put it in my stack of other things that are too big, but I refused to get rid of. Sometime soon, I'll buy a new pencil skirt and maybe I'll be able to move on, emotionally, from that one. 

In other news, I am definitely ready for summer. Or even spring. Or even rain. Something other than snow. And cold. And sitting in front of my heater always. 

Hope your day is going well!


  1. Love this outfit! The polka dots look really nice with the mustard skirt.


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