Picture Perfect: March 21

I feel like I've falling off the side of the planet lately!! I miss blogging everyday, a lot, but I also love my job, so I guess it's a trade off that I don't mind. Here's a brief update on what I've been up to... and as always, you can always follow me on Twitter for random thoughts and updates. 

1: This is Danny's birthday present. His was on the 14th and I was planning on doing a sweet post, but I was busy. Don't worry -- I told him when I bought his present, because it's something we've both wanted for a while. This is the best part about relationships: presents can become things you both want! 

2: I found my perfect yellow polish. It's Sally Hansen's "Lightning." 

3: I label everything on my desk. Even my pens. And my lip balm. 

4: I wore my pink, floral print dress to work. I love this print! 

5: Orange nails! 

6: Mini shopping spree. A new foundation brush, foundation, a free sample, and an anchor-print sweater. 

7: Snow! Where did this come from! 

8: My anchor print sweater in action. Love it so much -- so glad I bought it.  

9: New cell phone cover! Thanks to my mama. :] 

10: Writing a guest post for Hannah, who is probably the most adorable blogger ever. I can't recommend her blog enough. She's sweet, hilarious, and generally just lovely. I can't wait for my guest post to go up! Thanks for asking me to contribute. :] 

11: Mexican food Wednesday. Need I say more? 

12: Plum nails with a glitter-y accent nail, which is hard to see. It's hard to photography dark nails! 

13: I've become a coffee addict since starting my new job! My current favorite is either a Double Chocolate Mocha (from the famous Dutch Bros) or a Pure Heaven from a local joint. What's a Pure Heaven? A double white mocha with English toffee flavor and blackberry flavor. It sounds crazy. But it's amazing. 

14: Taking notes at work because I am a nerd. 

15: Writing poetry at work because, well, I'm a nerd. 

16: The weather has been crazy for the past two weeks. Rain, snow, hail, sunshine, extreme cold, sunny, hot... we've had every season. 

17: ... and then it's beautiful outside. 

18: Random, I found my packing list for when I went to Idaho in December. 

19: I also found a recipe for brown sugar cupcakes. Be prepared, because these look delicious

20: I've been trying to drink more water lately! This bottle is my goal. If I drink one at work, I know I'm good. 

21: St. Patty's Day nails. My green polish is sadly no more (it got goopy!), so I did gold nails instead. 

22: I wore an owl necklace on St. Patty's too... it's "lucky"? 

23: I love this line. I read Wintergirls, and while I enjoyed it, I found it really stressed me out. Some beautiful moments though. 

24: Iatrogenic stats are terrifying.

25: Time passes so slowly sometimes.

26: My outfit on Monday, my "Friday." Purple lace dress, mustard cardigan, and my mom's clock necklace. 

27: Working on an outline at work. 

28: More crazy weather. Blue sky, dark cloud. 

29-30: Snacking at work. Almonds, peanuts, and macadamia nuts (I don't eat walnuts, so I pretend they don't exist!) and a sugar-free dark chocolate bar. Yum!

31: And my late afternoon attempt at an energy boost. Juice should help right? Wrong. I still felt exhausted. 

Did you all have a good St. Patty's Day? A good week? A good whatever? 


  1. Ooh-- I was pawing at Sally Hansen's 'Lightning' last week, but I couldn't decide. Does the Insta-Dry stuff actually work and go on opaque? I'm brand new to nail polish, and I very much want bright yellow nails!

    Best of luck with the new-ish job!

    1. It actually goes on really opaque! I only did one layer when I took the picture above!! It didn't dry super fast, but I was good to use my nails in like 2-3 minutes, which isn't bad. It lasted a really long time though without chipping, which is always nice!!

    2. Excellent! I'm going to have to snag it next time I'm at the store. Your nails, of course, look so much better than mine ever will. But hey, I'm learning! :)

  2. your nails look professionally done! I wish I was able to do that. When I polish my nails my left hand looks awesome and right hand looks like crapola.

    1. I'm meticulous! What can I say? Haha :]

  3. I can't help but be in love with your handwriting. It's so pretty! :)

    PS Your post is up :)

  4. you yellow nail polish is so pretty and you new cover for the phone too :)

  5. Oh that yellow is stellar! I'll have to go out and find a bottle. I've got a yellow by OPI but it needs like a zillion coats to come out so bright.

    I passed my final driving test yesterday and am now 100% licensed. I've been spending lots of time with family recently too which is groovy :)

  6. That double white chocolate Mocha with toffee and blackberry sounds so Delicious! I am going to have to try that some time. Its going to be in my head for a while.


  7. Looks like you've been quite busy and I'm jealous that you got Danny that gift because I really do want it but can't afford shelling out 100 ish bucks for it.


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