Picture Perfect: March 5

I swear, I haven't died. I've been really sick. I missed work yesterday and was sent home from work again today,  because I'm stubborn. I've spent today mostly lying on the couch and trying to sleep. I thought I'd relive the good days of being somewhat healthy - you know, that space between when I had the flu and when I hurt my thumb! 

1. I was so happy to get my black crackle polish replaced by Sephora! They were really great about it and I haven't praised them enough. 

2. I love my dry shampoo. 

3. My dog, Cleio, misses me, I think. Whenever I'm home, she immediately gets comfy on me, as if to say, "Actually, you're not leaving anymore."

4. I've started trying to get organized about my blog. Clearly I'm not very successful, but I'm trying!

5. Danny & I's collage is up! It looks great in the kitchen.

6. An interview outfit. I love my H&M jacket! 

7. Trying on summer wedges at Target. I loved these ones, but the smallest size was too big. 

8. I love this little boy's outfit! I almost bought it for my nephew, Mason. I think his summer 2012 inspiration should be "Joining the Yacht Club." 

9. I did get this cute red-and-white polka dot hair clip at Target. Fabulous. 

10. Eating graham crackers at work the day I hurt my thumb. Three hours later, I'd be sitting in the same place hysterically crying. 

11. The fabric for my dress! I love polka dots, obviously. 

12. My hair is curlers. The curls were a total fail, but I tried. Maybe when my hair is longer...

13. Bins for my office! They were $1 each at Target. Have I mentioned how much I love their dollar section? I also got magazine holders. I love organization stuff!

14. Right before an interview. Right before I got hired!

15. I rented the Help to watch. I love this movie. I know it's historically inaccurate, but it makes me cry every time. And I love Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. 

16. Snow! I swear, it's snowed more in the last few months than most of my childhood...

17/18. I made a goal board from a tutorial I found on Pinterest. I kind of love it -- however, I then realized I was out of post it notes. Boo!

19/20. Seriously, more snow. I don't even. 

21. Ice on my car window!! What's going on, Oregon? I thought we were mild. 

22. Mr. Mason! He's always this happy. No, really. 

23. I made mini cheesecakes. 

24. Snow... again. 

25. A work outfit. I've been relying on my favorite stand-by outfits lately. 

26. Except I laddered my berry tights! I was actually devastated by this. It got worse throughout the day and eventually laddered all the way up to the waist. They're completely gone. I need to get new ones soon. Sad face. 

27. I did get a new dress though. It has polka dots... obviously. 

28. Look at how sunny it is now! Snow, then straight spring, now it's raining. 

29-32. Chase's birthday party! It was a beautiful day. Chase has a ton of fun, even if he was a little stunned by all the attention. And Mason enjoyed some crackers. 

33. I'm sick, again, and this is basically my life. As a note, never watch Contagion when you have a cold. You end up getting paranoid. Trust me. 

34. I went on a walk, because it was so nice, and found a foot print of my nephew's in the mud! 

35. Sometimes, I'm surprised that this is where I live. So pretty!

36. This is the cat that has adopted my parents. I can get almost a foot from it, but it won't let me pet it. My dad, however, carries it around and babies it. We think it's a boy, but still refer to it in the feminine. He needs a name, for sure. (He's very fluffy with a winter coat right now!)

Hope you all had a good Monday!


  1. Fun set of photos. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hah I use the same dry shampoo, I love it too. I find it funny that you think that's a lot of snow and how amazed you are... it's unseasonably warm here right now so it has melted all the snow away (also all the rain we got last week) but usually there's still a foot of snow on the ground this time of year. I really forgot how wintery Canada is in comparison to the south.


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