Polka in the forest

Dress and Belt, Forever 21 // Hair piece and Shoes, Target.

This is my new dress from Forever21. Okay, I know I have a lot of polka dot dresses. Some girls have a lot of floral dresses. Some girls like stripes. I like polka dots. I'm not sure what it is about polka dots -- as a pattern, it's simple and clean. Feminine. Retro without being quite as dainty and cliche as, say, lace or a large floral. I just... I really like polka dots. They're easy to wear.

You can buy this dress here or you can maybe buy the one I almost got, but then did. I didn't get it because the Peter Pan collar stopped at the shoulders and that's weird, right? It looked really cute on, but I decided to go with the more classic, traditional shape.

On Tuesday, it snowed. I took these photos yesterday and it waas really sunny, but kind of cold. I have no idea what's going on with the weather, but needless to say, I'm ready to be wearing sleeveless dresses and flats. I guess I'm joining the chorus of whines saying, "I'm tired of winter!" What is it about the move from winter to spring is so hard!? It always seems to take forever and sometimes, by the time it gets really nice here in Oregon, it's late June. And that's a long time to wait.

However, the daffodils are blooming at my mom's house! Which means that spring is getting closer. As you know, I love daffodils. They're the perfect flower, in my humble opinion. When I was little, I would always pick bunches of them to put in a vase in the kitchen -- it's a very vivid memory of mine!

I'm starting to get better -- I think. I still have a low-grade fever and a pretty terrible sounding cough. And I'm really congested. Not really sure what to think anymore about this cold! Plus my throat started hurting yesterday. Will I ever be healthy again!? These are questions I have to ask myself! However, I guess I mentally feel "better" in terms of being happier. Compared to last month at this time, when I was also sick, I am 100-times happier and healthier, at least mentally. I'll take that trade off any day.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Think Spring thoughts!!


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous Michelle! Polka dots suit you so much, and I love both dresses! I might keep my eye out for one of them when I'm next in Forever 21! That flower in your hair is the perfect touch too.
    These photos are also lovely!

    Charlotte x

  2. I'm a polka dot girl as well! I don't know why, I just can't get enough of them. Love this dress, and those gorgeous flats!

  3. The last photo is beautiful, partially because I adore those shoes. Love this outfit!

  4. I love the last picture the best <3 Gorgeous shoes! Beautiful photos like always!


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