Smooth seas, sailor

Top and Skirt, Forever 21 // Boots, Kohl's. 

I'm not going to mention the obvious, but it is really cold. 

I bought this top yesterday during my lunch. Instead of eating, I shopped, because I felt like it, and because I needed foundation. It has anchors on it! I love nautical-themed stuff. I feel so American and so French at the same time. I really wish I had a plain navy skirt to pair with it, but the one I saw in Forever 21 a few weeks ago is gone. Because Forever 21 likes to play this game with me called "Find something you like and then we'll hide it." 

I also got new foundation from Sephora. I got Make Up Forever HD brand, in I-don't-know-what shade. But can I say? It's perfect. I look fabulous today. It's an expensive foundation, but it looks so good. I can't even. Most foundations have yellow undertones, which makes my life difficult because I have pink undertones and freckles. So to the make up world, I'm kind of a freak, so why bother, right? Anyway, this foundation has pink undertones. So if you're pale, and pink undertoned, and your foundation always turns orange... I found the one for you.

I also bought a foundation brush and it has officially changed my life as well.

I had to post this Instagram picture that I took last night during a brief interval where I had power. (Did I mention there was a wind storm? And we lost power? And I inexplicably woke up to snow and branches everywhere?) Have you noticed anything yet? No thumb bandage. Don't worry, I won't make you look at my thumb. That being said, it looks so much less disgusting now, let me tell you. I've also been painting the thumbnail so it won't feel left out.

In random news, I decided to end my internship with CollegeCandy early. It was a hard decision, but working full-time now, I just really needed to have a few days where I could see my friends and family, watch movies, and do whatever... without worrying about getting up the next morning for my internship. I'll still be a columnist for them though and I learned a lot in two months!

I'm really excited for today. It's my weekend. I'm going to Target later. My mom and I are going to try to cook something with an eggplant I bought. (Does anyone have suggestion? I've never eaten eggplant before. I know.) I can just lie on my couch and veg out for a little while. I have leftover pizza. I went running this morning. Life is so good!

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. Loving that sweater!! It looks so cute with the skirt =) And snow again?! It really does sound like crazy weather!! I'm so glad it's started to warm up a little here, so I feel sorry for you!!
    And on the eggplant front, I have recently just got into eating eggplant (I call it aubergine =D), and my favourite recipe is Aubergine Parmagiana (my recipe's here: http://xrebelangelx.blogspot.com/2011/12/recipe-aubergine-parmigiana-river.html) or moussaka, I do a vegetarian moussaka with lentils because I don't like mince. We also made an aubergine pizza at the weekend which was yummy. Oh and vegetarian fajitas with roasted aubergines, squash and peppers are awesome too =D If you can't tell, I already love eggplant, despite only trying it for the first time a few months ago!!

  2. Oh my cuteness!
    Love that sweater and I think it goes beautifully with the polka dots! Beautiful as always :)


  3. My friend made us a tasty eggplant curry, although I have no idea what else was in it. Apparently they're also good grilled? I ordered some mineral makeup on Etsy and I'm itching to receive it and see if it gels with me.

  4. I love that sweater & skirt together! Gorgeous look.

  5. F21 plays that game with me a lot too. Its wicked annoying. Your blouse is way cute and it pairs so nicely with your polka dot skirt. A+ outfit in my book :)

    Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  6. Cute outfit ;D

    Wow snow again? Heck, it hasn't snowed one inch in Texas but it has been unusually warm here. Yeah, something we gotta do what we gotta do for ourselves.


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