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Sweater, H&M // Skirt, Belt, and Oxfords, Forever 21

How's this for a shift in weather from my last outfit post!? Eventually, it stopped snowing, spent a day raining, and now, today, it's completely blue sky and gorgeous out! Definitely seems a bit wrong, but I'm okay with it. I love sunshine.

Unfortunately, however, I'm sick. Again. I actually got sent home from work today because I was so sick. I ended up going home, seeing my mom for a little bit, and then napping for about two hours. I woke up feeling so much better! I don't sleep very well when I'm sick, which is what always gets to me. On the plus side, this bout doesn't seem as bad as the last cold I had, which I remember vividly because it was only two weeks ago!

I bought this skirt Thursday while on my lunch break. It was just too cute!! They had it in four different colors and I was really torn between this coral-red and navy blue. This just seemed more spring-y. I also spotted a polka dot dress that I wanted to try on, but didn't have time; I went back that evening though and bought it!! I actually wore it yesterday, so hopefully I'll get the chance to photograph it soon.

Speaking of which, I spend so much time focusing my camera and yet, I never managed to stand in the right spot in a single picture! They're not that bad, it's just one of my little pet peeves. I can't stand when my photos are out-of-focus or badly focused.

Tonight is my nephew's birthday party! He's having a pizza party with some of the kids he goes to school with (yes, he goes to school, and yes, the party will be amazing considering there will be about 9 two- and three-year-olds running around!). I'm going to take my camera to get some pictures.

Hope you all have a good Saturday!


  1. I absolutely adore that coral red color! Such a cute outfit.


  2. I love the coral skirt! What a nice way to brighten up a Wintery outfit. :)

  3. Looks so warm outside and that makes me wonder how warm you must be in that sweater top.

    Anyhow, nice little outfit and happy belated birthday to your nephew!


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