Happy Easter!

Dress, Jacket, Scarf, and Belt, Forever 21 // Pumps, Target 
Nail polish is Essie's "Navigate Her" 

Happy Easter!

I haven't been home for Easter in a few years, so I'm pretty excited for a party with my family. Last year, I went to Danny's house for Easter -- we had been dating for about a week and I was kind of surprised he asked me, at the time!

Last night, I made chocolate covered Oreos for my family, as well as a candy we call "muddy buddies." It's just Chex cereal, covered in melted chocolate with peanut butter and butter, then covered in powdered sugar. It's the most addictive treat in the world. My family celebrates Easter the way we  celebrate Christmas: we kind of ignore what it's really about and have fun dying eggs and eating potato salad (made from the dyed eggs) instead.

Have I mentioned how much I love my mint jacket!? I feel like it secretly goes with everything. I realized taking these pictures it's more blue than green, but it's still pastel and I love it. And I'll still refer to it as mint! Because the other option -- seafoam -- is just too long for me.

I bought this scarf last Tuesday after I saw the Hunger Games with my mom -- I've never really owned a thin Spring scarf before. All of my scarves are utilitarian, "I need my neck to be warm"-style, so it's nice to have one that really is just pretty.

I feel like this jacket was made to be paired with all my dark polka dot dresses (and skirts... and tops, etc.) It brightens up the pattern without distracting from it. I own so much polka dotted stuff that it's nice to have something that just goes so easily with them. Plus, a jacket will always look professional and cute, without too much work.

Last night, I stopped at Target to get some Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails undercoat. My nails have been insane lately: the top layer of the actual nail will peel up and tear off. All my nails, but especially my index fingers, are super thin now. I figured I can't go wrong with a nail hardener undercoat! I also got a new nail polish -- Essie's "Navigate Her" which I'm wearing here. It's a lovely pastel green. It's nice and soft and not overpowering -- and not baby puke-y either!

With all my pastels, I think I'm ready for Easter for sure. I always feel like Easter signals the real start of Spring and the lead into Summer. Can I just mention how excited I am for summer? Nice weather, Danny will be here, we have a house, we're planting a garden. So much exciting happening... once Summer gets here...

I hope you all have a great Easter!


  1. Your blazer really does look perfect with that polka dot dress!! I really love the blazer, it's a lovely colour - a lot of bloggers in the UK have a very similar one from Primark but I tried it on and it was very flimsy sort of gauzy material, but this one looks a lot nicer =D
    And I'm the same with scarves, all mine are winter ones and only worn to keep me warm!!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! That blazer really does work so well with the dark polka-dot dress. I have a few "pretty" scarves sitting in my wardrobe, but I find them really hard to style. In Australia the Summer is really too hot to have anything extra around your neck, we don't really have that much of a Spring & Autumn, and in Winter I go to my "warm" scarves. Your pretty scarf looks awesome!

  3. You look so lovely. :) I adore all the great outfit combinations that you come up with!



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