Morning fog

Dress, Forever 21 // White collared shirt, Macy's // Pink tights, JCPenney // Boots, Target // Turquoise bracelet, Mom's. 

Hello! Well, look at this - outfit photos on a work day. Can you believe it? I got up early this morning and went running (another shocker!). By the time I had showered, gotten dressed, done my hair, and put on make up, I still have an hour before I had to leave for work. So I took outfit photos. I briefly considered putting on an outfit that I hadn't photographed before (I photographed this back in the Fall, but with different tights and shoes), but I always feel a bit dishonest when I do that! This is what I wore; it was comfortable and cute and I felt good about it all day. 

I don't have much else to write about. I've been trying to get healthy lately. As I mentioned, I went running this morning. I planned to eat healthy, but I got a milkshake after work and I just ate a grilled cheese for dinner. So I guess that didn't go too well! I did have a big salad with brocoli for lunch, as well as a banana. I just feel I've let myself go and like I've gained a bit of weight -- which, I know in terms of other people, I'm still quite thin. I just don't like it. I notice it mostly in my face: the way my face and jaw are shaped means I naturally have a bit of a double chin, but it gets more noticeable when I gain weight. 

Now that I've publicly announced I'm getting healthy and trying to lose a pound or five, you all have to hold me accountable, ok? Deal! 

Hope you all had a good Monday! My weekend has officially started.


  1. I love this outfit!. I feel the same way about myself, that I've gained a bit of excess weight. I want to eat healthier (which as a recent vegetarian should be a a lot easier) but I can't always eat everything which leaves me just scrounging around for anything that I can find. We'll see how everything goes in the future. Good luck! :)


  2. I love how the fog adds a dreamy effect to these pics. Very nice. I am actually trying to be a bit more healthy too since I've noticed my jeans are getting a little tight. My biggest downfall is ice cream. I just tastes so good.

  3. This dress it beautiful! Well actually, the whole outfit is great! I really enjoy all your outfit posts :) keep blogging and happy easter! :)


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