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Dress, Homemade!
Blazer, Forever 21
Pumps, Target

This is the face of a girl who has had a rough five... or maybe six... days. I won't go into detail, but let's just say I went to the doctor for blood work at 7:30am and just leave it there. I have a really stupid, irrational fear of my bellybutton coming undone and somehow, in my brain, that is related to having blood drawn. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep because I was freaking out. However, I was super brave when confronted with the needle and probably deserved at least a sticker. Instead, I drank about half a bottle of orange juice at home. (Now I'm eating Oreos. Don't tell.) 

I almost didn't take outfit pictures. My whole body feels like an open sore, so I had resigned myself to lying on the couch. But I redesigned my blog a bit (I now have buttons and polka dots!) and I had to show off the inspiration for my background. That's right: this dress. In real life, it's a dark burgundy (it photographed lighter than it is) and, of course, you know I love polka dots. Plus, my mom and I made this dress, so it is basically the most perfect dress ever for that reason. 

I hadn't posted in so long that I knew I needed to get my butt in gear. And really, how long do outfit pictures take? Not that long! I'm back on the couch already. 

I've been seeing tons of mint-and-red outfits around lately and I felt I had to try it out. I'm not sure how I feel about this outfit specifically, but I might try different ways of pairing this blazer with red -- I think it's just a good, sweet combination for spring. I was going to wear my new spring wedges, but it was too much -- I went with a more understated shoe, the black pump, instead. 

So, what do you think of the new layout? 

I hope you all have a good Tuesday. I'm hoping I start to feel better soon, but who knows? I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor today, so hopefully, things will change a bit by tomorrow! 


  1. I love this colour combination! I almost bought a mint blazer the other day but I decided to be good. I like your polka dot background!

    Charlotte x

  2. oh this dress is wonderful! and it makes a perfect match with your background of the blog!

    xxx Anita

  3. I think the mint and red is really interesting - I never would have thought of it! The polka dot dress is so cute, kudos on DIY-ing it. I hope you feel better!

  4. I think the blazer compliments the dress really well. Hope all your blood work comes by fine. I for one hate getting a shots. I cant look when they stink the needle in.

    1. I definitely closed my eyes and pretended I wasn't there! I'm horrible with needles -- I'm terrified of my belly button coming undone and my skin falling off, and somehow, needles are related to this.

  5. I'm so impressed you and your mom made the dress! It's lovely :) I wouldn't have thought to put the blazer and dress together but it looks amazing!
    I hope you're feeling better after the blood test now :(

    1. I'm feeling a little better now! The test was to see if I am anemic, which I'm not apparently, but could possibly become anemic...? Haha so weird, but hopefully once I'm over this terrible cold & life realigns, I'll be back to normal. :]]

      Thank you for the comment! xo

  6. what a wonderful dress! well done you.. i so wish i was a better sewer! Love the new design and button too! :) Hope you're feeling better now xx


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