On days like these

Top, Old Navy // Shorts, American Eagle // Belt, Forever 21 // Kitten heels, Goodwill

I've looked really tired lately. Not sure what to do about that really. I've been getting a decent amount of sleep. Part of it, I'm sure, is just being personally exhausted by certain situations. But there's not a lot I can really do about that. I've been trying to eat healthier, get exercise, and sleep as much as I can... but considering when I get up for work and when I get home from work, that means I have to cut into sleep-time in order to exercise. Not sure which is better there! 

I sort of wore this outfit to work Friday. I actually wore my new work trousers with this top, but they were pretty wrinkled by the time I got home! Plus, it was super sunny and warm (almost 70 degrees!) by the time I got home, so I put on some shorts to take pictures. I really love these shorts, but with how I've been feeling lately, I don't feel great in them anymore. I just haven't felt healthy lately and I'm not sure what to do about it. I hate the process of "losing weight" -- I wish it were as easy as when I was a kid. I had SO MUCH time in high school and college and now, looking back, I barely used it to stay fit or do anything productive. Seriously, teenagers, no matter how much homework you have... you'll never feel as busy when you have a full-time job that sucks up all your energy! I wish I could just go outside and play wall ball again. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful & productive Monday. Tomorrow is my weekend, but I'm not sure if I have any fun plans yet. I wish I did!


  1. God, I have so much work that I can't wait to finish uni just so I have 8 hours of the day dedicated to work and then I just come home and don't have to think about it! At the moment with all my uni work, I'm working 12 plus hours a day on my never-ending essays!
    Good luck with your health goals. I think you look great but do whatever makes you happy!

    Charlotte x

  2. Those shorts are adorable, and they look awesome on you. And I'm loving those shoes!

  3. I LOVE your top!!!

    I think everyone always feels like there's never enough time for everything they want to do (I know I sure do!). Maybe it's the grass is always greener thing? I hope you get some time soon to figure things out and establish a better schedule! I always feel crazy if I don't have one.

  4. cute outfit as usual. Seriously high school kids dont know how good they have it. Full time jobs are serious time stealers.

  5. 1) I love the top. I may have to check out an Old Navy.
    2) I've been out of town for a week and a half and it's nice to see your blog again! (aww)
    3) yeah, the whole transition of Teenager/College student to adult *really* sucks.

  6. Cute outfit I think I have those same shorts :)

  7. I love this polka dot t-shirt, it looks so great!

    xxx Anita

  8. Your hair looks great in these photos. I know you may feel not very good in these shorts but I think you pull them off well and they are super cute. :)


  9. Well, I think these shorts look fantastic on you, regardless of your weight. And you know? If you do feel unhealthy, try to cues from your body... what is it craving that will make it feel healthier? Try not to worry so much about weight and more about the good things you can do to help your body be in its peak condition. Keep busy figuring out your body and learning its language, and how to give it the best of what it needs, and it'll also help keep you in better spirits because you will be doing positive things for yourself :)


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