Picture Perfect: 4.1.12

I realized today at work that I haven't posted since Danny was here! He left on Wednesday and I did a very good job not crying too much about it. Instead, I went shopping and was generally mopey. I've mostly just been working for the past few days and trying to get back into a routine -- which means I'm going to start reinstating some exercise soon! I've been bad lately, very bad. And not eating very healthy either! 

I have lots of photos to share and unfortunately, they got a bit out of order! But oh well, they're still fun to look at, right? 

1: Tragic, but true. When I went back to buy this dress, they were all out. I found it on Forever21.com... and the only size left was large. I suppose it wasn't meant to be...

2: My new black work skirt. 

3: My running shoes, after a short run. I am ready for summer, and dry weather. 

4: More snow. Seriously. 

5: Can you believe it's April? 

6: I decorated for Easter at work. Easter egg pens! So festive. 

7: I've been having fabulous hair days lately. 

8: A mid-afternoon Starbucks. I missed iced drinks! 

9: Mason's birthday party was Saturday! It was pirate themed, which is why he was dressed like a pirate. He definitely enjoyed himself. 

10: What I wore to work today. My pink lace dress from Forever 21, a leopard belt from Target, and my new black wedges from Target. 

11: Another awesome hair day. Just saying!

12: My nails, currently. "New Years Red-Solution" by OPI with black shatter as an accent. 

13: Cleio, who hates Danny, but is cute otherwise! 

14: Chloe, who doesn't mind Danny, and mostly just wants to lie down. 

15: My favorite socks! When I'm facing a difficult day, I like to wear them. 

16: I have to get certified for Google AdWords at work. I have to say... Google has made AdWords way more complicated than necessary...

17: Hitting 89 followers! Then, I lost to. But I'm at 90 now. Did I mention I'm trying to get to 100 by the end of April? I'll probably do a giveaway when I hit 100! 

18: A banana at work. Just in case. 

19: Dutch Bros! A Pacific Northwest coffee stand. They're so good, because instead of using regular milk in their mochas (etc), they use chocolate milk. Whatever. That's awesome. 

20: Sometimes I make really poor choices for lunch. 

21: My new wedges with my polka dot dress. I wore this to work Friday -- the day Danny arrived from Idaho! 

22: Frozen yogurt at work. Yum. 

23: I was stopped at a train while driving to get Danny last Friday... can I just say, it was frustrating. But the town I was in looked adorable. 

24: I love Diet Pepsi. 

25-26: Dickie Joe's! Danny and I have lunch here every time he's in Eugene. It's our favorite burger place, although I usually get the BLT. We got onion rings to share and can I say? They were so delicious! 

27-28: I bought a new skirt on last Sunday with Danny. I know I've already posted an outfit with it, but I don't care. I love this skirt. 

29: Daffodils!! 

30: Mason, standing with no hands!! The last night Danny was here, we celebrated Mason's birthday at my mom's house... and right after we left, he started walking! I see how it is, Mason. 

31-32: Dutch Bros and my new skirt at work. Fab.  

33: I painted my nails neon orange, thanks to my sister. Weirdly, I got a ton of compliments on it. 

34: Danny's last day. I took this picture right before he left. I did a very good job of waiting to cry till after he drove away. 

35: More daffodils. 

36: To cheer myself up Wednesday, I bought a mint blazer. 

37: Ok, I also bought a red belt and a new top too.

38: Holy birdhouse!!

39: What I wore to work Thursday. My new top, mustard cardi, and a striped skirt.

40: My lunch Thursday. Sometimes in the morning, I don't anticipate how hungry I'll be by noon or 1!

41: My mint blazer with my purple last dress and leopard belt. What I wore to work Friday.

42: My neon orange nails at work.

43: Random facts about scallops.

44: What I wore to work saturday. My plaid flannel shirt, gray jumper dress, brown belt, and mustard tights. I ended up switching out the little brown boots for my menswear-inspired brown boots.

Hope you've had a good Sunday!


  1. Great pictures! I love the one of you and Danny. You guys look so cute!



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