Rave Review: Essie's "Buy Me A Cameo"

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and she bought her first Essie nail polish -- a pink-bronze metallic called "Buy Me a Cameo." Being the good daughter that I am, I tested it in the car for her. We both loved it! I had just been talking about how I wanted to find a pale pink -- but not pink-pink -- nail polish. And she just happened to be carrying one! 

I love that it's metallic, slightly bronze, and otherwise blends into my skin tone. But it still looks so pretty. 

You all probably know by now I'm a big fan of Essie polishes -- I love how easily available they are for most people, that they are reasonably priced, and how high quality they are. I've never had a bad Essie polish, one that went on too sheer, didn't look the same color as the swatch, whatever! Essie just makes great nail polish. 

Like I said, this is my mom's polish, but I might end up borrowing it a lot! It's such a perfect, girly, springy neutral. 

Essie's "Buy Me a Cameo" $8 from Target


  1. I didn't know this color of essie, I'm also a big fan of the essie nailpolishes!

    xxx Anita

  2. I looove Essie polishes too. They are definitely worth the price. I've been wearing Trophy Wife on my toes for a while now. It is a really pretty metallic fuchsia. I also like Splash of Grenadine (a nice purple) and Ballet Slippers (light pink). Oh and Tart Deco! :)

  3. Huge Essie fan here and buy me a cameo is beautiful colour, im happy I added to my collection:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  4. I'm a massive Essie fan at the moment! And don't worry, I end up stealing my mum's nail varnishes too! hahah :) xx


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