Review: Make Up For Ever Professional HD Foundation

I don't often write beauty reviews, mainly because I don't know much about make up and I don't wear a lot of it. I'm interested in it in the same way children are: it looks ridiculous on my baby face, but I still want to transform myself. I've mostly resigned myself to never being able to handle a smoky eye (number one way to make my eyes look tiny and my face huge) and to only wearing foundation, mascara, and lipstick for the rest of my life.

The reason why I'm writing this review though is because this foundation has improved my life in ways I can't even describe. Okay, maybe not that extreme. But it's hard to find a good foundation, especially if you have skin like mine. Pale, freckled, with red undertones.

Most of the population of the world has yellow undertones. Most foundations are, therefore, made for them. If you're like me, you've often wondered why foundation turns orange on your face or why it never looks, well, normal. Like it does on everyone else! The answer is undertones: if you have pink undertone, you know it. You sunburn and never tan. You get ruddy on your cheeks and around your nose. Your veins are bright blue. 

May I introduce you to Make Up For Ever Professional HD Foundation is #115?

It was at Sephora that this foundation really found me. A sales girl suggested it and I reluctantly let her apply it to my face. This isn't going to work, I sighed, foundation just doesn't work for me. But it did. I looked so much better. I could still see my freckles through the foundation, but not the red areas around my nose or on my chin. It was a magic moment. 

As a first note, I use the Sephora Foundation brush to apply my foundation. Sponges soak up half of the foundation you use -- so for every bottle you buy, you're really only getting half of it. The rest is in that sponge, growing bacteria and pretty much being disgusting. Invest, y'all. I've also noticed that my foundation goes on a lot sheerer with a brush and it blends a lot better. 

This is the make up partially blended onto my wrist, aka the palest part of my body. It actually almost matches perfect, which means it matches almost exactly to my skin tone and therefore, face. 

The number one thing I love about this make up, beside the fact that it doesn't make me look like Snooki on a bad day, is the fact that it's oil-free and, so far, has not caused me to break out. And let me tell you, that's pretty easy to do. It also doesn't feel like I've applied a plastic mask to my face -- it just feels like my skin.

For years, I used Clinique's Perfectly Real in Shade 01, but it was still too dark for my skin, turned orange after it was exposed to oxygen for a while, and felt like a mask. I hated using it. And I'm so glad I don't have to anymore. It was cheaper than Make Up For Ever HD, but what's the point of using something slightly cheaper if it makes you feel terrible? 

Me, post-make up. I "forgot" to take a before photo -- and by forgot, I mean, I didn't want to.

For all my pale-skinned ladies, there are options out there for us. I didn't think it was true, but it is. 

Make Up For Ever Professional HD Foundation, $40 at Sephora 
Sephora Foundation brush, $25 at Sephora 
The top I'm wear in the last photo is from Old Navy.


  1. this is wonderful. it is soooo hard to find a good foundation. i keep searching, never satisfied. too oily. dries my skin. doesn't cover. looks like i'm wearing make-up, and not in a good way. i will have to check this out. :) also, you don't need make-up; you're lovely.

    1. If there's a Sephora store near you, I really recommend going to them and asking them for suggestions! I ended up telling one of the sales girls every little thing about my skin and voila, I got a perfect foundation. :]

  2. I tried this foundation and I did like it but I after awhile it started to not go one as smooth. Might just be my dry skin though. What kind of foundation brush do you use?

    1. I have noticed it tends to not go on very well over dry skin -- I have combination skin and my cheekbones & under eye area tend to be very dry, while the rest of my face is like a Texas oil field. I have the most trouble getting good coverage on those areas, but I've found if I blend it with just a little bit of moisturizer, it helps a lot.

      I use the Sephora brand foundation brush, this one: http://www.sephora.com/classic-foundation-brush-47-P188221?skuId=1014695 the number 47. It's very easy to clean, dries quickly, and doesn't hold a lot of excess make up. :]

  3. By the sounds of it you and I have the same exact skin and the same exact problems when it comes to make up! I just might try this! Thanks a ton!! (:

  4. ur so pretty! great reivew :)


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