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Skirt, Forever 21 // Top, Old Navy // Jacket, H&M // Scarf, Forever 21 // Flats, Old Navy

Well, I tried taking inside photos today because it was raining so hard. I ended up going outside in a brief moment of only sprinkles, so don't worry -- all my photos today aren't like this one. But, let me congratulate myself, because this one isn't that bad. It's just... dark. And grainy. And inside.

I got this skirt after going to see the Hunger Games last week. I had been wanting a knee length bodycon skirt and this one fit well and looked cute. However, it has a tendency to ride up and not look that great. Plus, I'll be the first to tell you that my sedentary receptionist job hasn't been great for me. That and all the donuts that are sitting around the office. Operation "Working On My Fitness" is in effect and hopefully, this skirt will look banging in about six weeks. Pencil skirts, especially ones that are made of spandex and not cotton, or even cotton-blend, are clingy and have a tendency to show off every little piece of your body that you might not be happy with. And my thighs, unfortunately, are in a time out.

However, this is one of the first outfits I envisioned when I bought this skirt. And I love it. Professional, cute, put-together. Every good adjective, really.

See, look at that! Outside photos.

Did you notice my new shoes? They're leopard print! I've officially crossed over. There's a line, it seems, that every girl who loves fashion eventually crosses. Do you embrace or reject leopard print? I think my purchase of leopard print shoes is an official, but hesitant, embrace.

I got them last night at Old Navy. My mom has been hemming a pair of pants I got there for me and... she accidentally ripped them. She called me upset, but they're just pants! So we went back to get me another pair and I spotted these shoes. Dainty, pointed toe, work appropriate. I needed them. They go with this outfit... and they'll go with my new work pants... and they'll be cute for the summer!

I hope you're all having a good Wednesday! I'm headed up to my parents' house to see my nephews after I finish writing this -- it's my typical Wednesday routine, after all.


  1. this skirt looks so good on you. It fits you perfectly. You look very polished and professional.

  2. You don't look like you've gained any weight or gotten any bigger, I think you look fantastic! And you have lovely thighs, silly :P

  3. I love your scarf !! ;)



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