The Emperor's New Jeans

Sweater, Target // Jeans, American Eagle // Scarf, Forever 21 // Flats, Old Navy. 

I've hopped on the bandwagon. I am officially a girl who owns, and wears, and loves, colored jeans. I was hesitant. I tried on some pairs, thought they made me look like a pastel-colored truck, and resigned myself to be the girl in dark denim for the rest of her life. But then, I realized something: I'm probably the only person that dressing room mirrors make look, well, fat. I had tried on a pair of teal jeans at American Eagle, but rejected them because I looked huge. When I tried these ones on though, I told myself: there's no way I look that big. I'm buying them, taking them home, and seeing if I'm the only person that altered mirrors make look terrible. 

And it's true: those altered mirrors that stores use? Make me look huge. 

So let's talk about how much I love this outfit. I really, really love it. You know how you think an outfit will look really plain, but then you put it on and BAM -- you feel like Joan Jett? This is that outfit for me. It might help that I'm posing in front of my Sex Pistols poster. I mean, how can you not feel cool with that background, right? I should admit that I feel a lot like Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion in this outfit. 

I got these jeans with a 20% off coupon, which made them feel "worth it" to me. At first, I thought about returning them. Michelle, I told myself, you don't need colored jeans. This trend will pass. But then I thought -- I'm only young once. I mean, what embarrassing pictures will I show my kids if I don't embrace a few trends!? Plus, these jeans are cute -- and they go with my also-new leopard print scarf. I want to wear this outfit everywhere.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I have some exciting news to share in the next few days, so stay tuned!


  1. You look awesome Michelle! I love the background! And I'm so proud you felt like me in your outfit! I feel so special!

    Charlotte x

  2. One that poster looks bitchin'! I'd love it up on my wall. And we seriously need to discuss how gorgeous your jersey is, I want it! All in all a great ensemble.

    Love from Jo'burg

  3. There's definitely a Charlotte vibe here for sure :) The jeans look great on you! Personally I love colourful and patterned jeans, they're so much fun. I've tried a few pairs on, but I don't really like pants in general, and it seems all the fun colours I find are extra-low rise or way too skinny and way too long. Cute carpet!


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