For Danny

Jeans, American Eagle
Top, Forever 21
Leopard print flats, Old navy

Danny's favorite color combination is teal and pink. When I first told him I bought pink jeans, he immediately suggested I pair them with a teal shirt. Well, last Wednesday, I returned a dress to Forever 21 and got this top as an exchange. I knew what I had to do: my pink jeans had their soul mate. 

Some of these photos make my top look blue. You know how I've randomly mentioned in outfit posts that the colors in my photos are slightly off? Well, guess what? I realized my camera was set to Landscape, which emphasizes blues and greens. I set it back to Faithful and my top and jeans immediately looked pink-and-teal, not blue-and-coral. 

I took these photos yesterday evening after I got home from work. It's been beautiful here lately!! I think Spring in Oregon is one of the most beautiful seasons, but often doesn't get the credit it deserves because it rains so much. But when Oregon does Spring, it really does it well -- even if our pollen levels are out of control! Today, it was 77 degrees as I drove home. 77 degrees!! It usually doesn't start getting that warm till July in the summer. It would have been a great day to go to the coast, you know, if I didn't work.

Speaking of work, in a week, I'll be in Las Vegas at a convention!! Somehow, I was chosen to go to a convention -- my boss really supports me going because it's a social media & marketing convention for auto dealers. Big deal. It's a big deal. I'm so excited!! It's only for three days, but seriously. Las Vegas. My first business trip. I'm dying a bit inside!

I've been home from work for about 40 minutes and I've already: started dinner (eggplant parm with boiled corn as a side), went for a 20-minute run, and started writing this post. Someone is feel productive! I'm trying to get back in shape. Right now, I'm at a 12-minute mile, which isn't awful, but last summer I was running a 9-minute, so... that's what a year of inactivity does to you! Mainly, I want to be back into the running spirit when Danny gets here so we can train together and get healthy again. Team effort, you know. 

Speaking of Danny, he will be here in less than a month. In less than a month, I don't have to whine about him being away ever again, unless I have a business trip, or he does, or something. Never again! It seems so weird! In fact, it will be a year since I graduated soon as well -- it doesn't feel like a year, but I'm very glad I am where I am now. I haven't ever been happier, really!

Hope you all had a good Monday! Tomorrow is my weekend, so I'm preparing for watching movies and baking cookies. Aka, a typical weekend for me!


  1. That first picture is beautiful of you! It's almost odd seeing you in pants, but they look so nice on you!

  2. These photos look amazing, Michelle! And the teal and pink do go really well together, Danny was right haha!! I sometimes try to get Ben to pick out clothes for me to go together because it's really interesting to see combinations he picks out, can be a disaster, but sometimes he surprises me!!
    Also, amazing about the weather!! Wish we had that =D My mum keeps looking at the weather in Oregon because of our trip there in Summer and every time she tells me about it I imagine you either being annoyed it's raining or happy it's sunny haha =D

  3. cute color combo. I cant believe how vastly different the colors came out because of the setting. So Vegas?! Thats gonna be so much fun. Cant wait to hear all about it.


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