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Hello everyone! I'm in Las Vegas for the next few days, but I have a slew of great guest posts lined up by some of my favorite bloggers. xo Michelle

… Or in a creative rut. I usually find myself in a creative rut when I need to do something important. When I have a deadline to meet, a blog post that must be put up, or when I really want to be creative. So here are some ways to fight the blues and the creative ruts.

1) Take a long, hot shower. I don't know about you but I swear I get my best ideas while in the shower. Maybe it's because I'm completely alone and there's no distractions, but whatever the reason showers make me brilliant. Use your favorite body wash (Victoria's Secret Love Spell, anyone?) and take as much time shaving your legs as you want. Just relax.

2) Clean. Maybe this really is just me, but sometimes when things are cluttered its really hard to be creative. Take a half hour to clean your space. It'll give you some time to not think about being creative, and once you're done you'll have a clean area!

3) Take a walk. Sometimes the best thing to do when you're blue is to just get out of your environment. Take a walk down the street, or through the woods. Just let your mind wander and enjoy some fresh air.

4) Play a mindless game. Usually the reason you get stuck is because you're mind is in overload. There's just so much going on you can't focus. This may sound weird, but when I'm in mind overload I pick up my iPod (or for you fancy people your iPhone) and play completely mindless games. Usually Fruit Ninja (it's seriously my favorite ever.). Simply just taking a break to do something that doesn't matter at all will help you refocus.

5) Remember that it's not the end of the world. Sure, you might be having a bad day. And you might not be accomplishing what you want to be accomplishing, but it's really not the end of the world. You'll have a brand new day tomorrow to start fresh. Life goes on. It seems so simple, but just be happy. Happiness is a choice that you have to make every day, even if things aren't going as planned or how you want them to be. List everything you have to be happy about, and you'll find that it far outweighs the bad. Life isn't always going to be perfect, but the key to living a good life is facing the obstacles head on; whether your obstacle is a blog post yet to be written, or a recent death in your family. Life is what you make of it, so make it good!

I'm Hannah and I blog over at Ivory Giraffes where I generally ramble too much about life, love, and clothes. I'm entering into my freshman year of college, where I'll be living six hours away from my childhood home. I spend a lot of my time painting my nails, drinking smoothies, and taking drives in my rusty Ford pick-up truck with my dear boyfriend. I look forward to meeting you!

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