A little bit country

Top, Forever 21
Dress, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Wedges, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's 

This is definitely one of those outfits that makes me wish I owned some cowboy boots. 

I got the idea for this outfit from an outfit Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky posted on instagram. That's right, I'm the ultimate hipster copycat: I was into that outfit before it was even posted on her blog.  I thought I wanted to mimic it last night, but I wasn't sure what dress to use. I had worn this dress -- my graduation dress -- to work because it was legitimately the only thing I felt like wearing (after a very indecisive 45 minutes of changing my clothes). Standing in front of my closet this morning, I knew the answer: this top and this dress were meant to be together. 

It was a lot sunnier this morning that I expected it to be. All I'd been hearing was that it was supposed to be rainy in the Pacific Northwest this week, but I guess we're getting lucky in Western Oregon. That's right, for once Eugene is getting sun while everyone else is getting rain. I'm getting a bit better at taking photos in the sun. This is one of my favorite outfits in a long time and these are some of my favorite photos for a while. Sometimes, I look at pictures of myself and think, "That's not me." I don't know; it's weird seeing myself in photos that I think are really good because it's kind of different from how I see myself on a day-to-day basis. 

Am I alone in that or is that totally normal? 

Speaking of self perception, I've been reading on other blogs and Tumblr a lot about how hard summer is for everyone -- from dressing fashionable to feeling good about themselves. Summer has always been my least favorite season, I think partly because it makes me feel a bit like crap. Everywhere you go in the warm weather, there are short shorts and short dresses and little tops and if you don't feel like you look good in those things, it can almost be like self-induced torture. Plus, it's so hot you have to find some kind of solution to look fashionable and if you're not feeling great about yourself in the first place, it can be exhausting. 

Summer is just a weird season in general, but I don't think we should all start bullying ourselves about it; if all you wear is sundresses during the summer, then that's fine. That's still fashionable; you can still make it work. (Scarf belts! Let's make that happen.) There are cute dresses with sleeves. Plenty of shorts with looser legs for us ladies with generous thighs -- as cute as denim cut offs are, nothing makes a girl feel worse than thigh bulge. I think it's a lot easier to find things we love and wear them rather than being sad, or feeling bad, that there are things we aren't comfortable wearing. I've always been miserable every summer because I don't like how I look in wee denim shorts; but really, there are other warm weather options, so why torture myself into doing 100 squats? I'm always going to be pear-shaped, it's not something I can change by making myself sad. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday after that little pep talk! Feel good about yourself -- make a smoothie and go for a long walk, especially if you have some sunshine. I'm going to be running errands and cleaning the house -- very exciting, I know. 


  1. I seriously love this outfit Michelle! I definitely have to try this.
    I agree about the summer thing though. At the moment, I feel really gross in summer clothes. I just feel like I hate my thighs, I hate my stomach and I feel like I'm just a big white mess. But I'm determined not to let it stop me. I'm about to go somewhere where the summer is 90 degrees. Everyone is going to be in short shorts and dresses and bikinis and they're going to be okay with themselves, so I need to be too.
    I've decided this summer will be the summer when I learn to be okay with myself too, but it is hard. I hope you get there!

    Charlotte x

  2. this top and dress do go perfectly together. Summer has never been my fave season to dress for either. I just hate feeling all hot and sticky and my hair frizzes up and my thighs jiggle. Ugh. But you are right, there is nothing I can do about so I should just make the best of it.

  3. You look beautiful! I actually enjoy dressing for the summer - must be the Floridian in me, though I guess the heat and everything that comes with it can get to me too. But I do find summer to be a bit depressing - I think it's because everything just slows down and gives you too much time to think.

  4. I am so with you on thick thighs and denim short-shorts not mixing. Yeah, maybe they look okay when I'm standing... but I do not stand all day. And I don't like anything that cuts into me and makes my body parts resemble sausage-links either.

    I think different photos capture different views of me. It's like how I can love how I look in the mirror from one angle but then turn and hate the angles of my face. Some photos just capture me in a better light than others I guess.

    Btw, I really like your use of different sized photos. These in particular are very lovely! I'm always worried about cutting off any of my body parts in my own photos that they're just kind of these boring poses I repeat all the time for fear of looking weird.


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