My hair is never going to be curly, & other epiphanies

Top, Forever 21
Skirt, Forever 21
Tank top, American Eagle
Kitten heels, Unionbay (Kohl's) 
Lipstick, Violet Pop by Rimmel
Nail polish, Keep Me on my Mistletoes by OPI for Sephora

Shocking life revelation that came too late: If I blow dry my hair flipped over (or bending down), it dries much faster and I get a lot more volume and my face doesn't look so round. Why did I just realize this now? I've been blow drying my hair since I was about 13 and hating it since I was about 13 and a half. If only I'd known sooner. 

But seriously, my hair looks great today. It's so big.

I love this picture, wonky piece of hair and all. The wind was getting crazy outside while I was taking pictures and managed to convince my cowlick to flip itself over. Whatever. Sometimes this is what I look like in real life: wonky hair and everything. 

Speaking of wonky, I love this shirt and it has a story. I've been trying on this shirt in Forever 21 for about, oh, two months. Every time I'm in, I'll pick it up, think about it, try it on, and decide not to get it. Well, last week, I was there with my mom and she said, "Just get it." It's floral print. It goes good with most of my basic work clothes. It's ruffled. After weeks of trying it on and deciding I didn't know how to wear it, I bought it. And I wore this outfit on Friday to work and felt so good the entire day. I think that's what is great about fashion sometimes: we'll be so unsure of something, but if it makes us feel good, even great, we'll latch onto it. This is now my favorite shirt because it makes me feel so fly. 

I've had a lot going on in my personal life, most of which I probably won't write about here, because, really, there is only so much space. However, I'm not sick anymore! Which is the best thing. And I got AdWords certified at work yesterday, which was a huge deal. AdWords isn't hard to use, but the certification looks good for businesses using your skills; and the tests are hard. I actually almost cried taking the first one and I'm a good test-taker. 

Other than that, I baked bread, which I forgot to add enough salt to, so it doesn't taste like garlic bread... mostly like Hawaiian sweet bread of some variety! I know I've been quiet on the blog front, but it's so hard to get the motivation to blog after working eight, or nine, hours in a day!! Also, outfit pictures are so hard; before work it's too dark and after work, I'll admit, I look pretty rough. Make up almost gone, outfit a bit wrinkled, looking tired. I'll figure out some kind of schedule... eventually... 

My plan for today, after this, is to go grocery shopping, get myself a coffee treat (not that I don't have one everyday...), and then lounge around the house. Maybe I'll work out. But other than that, I'm in need of a lazy day! I just realized it's May 1 as well! So happy May!

I'll be posting another Vedette giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to check in. I e-mailed the winners of the first giveaway last night! Hope you all have a good Tuesday! 


  1. These photos are SO CUTE! I know what you mean about it being "hard" to take outfit photos, I have a pile of handmade/vintage dresses I want to photograph but it's hard to squeeze it in before/after work.

  2. your hair really does look cute. Glad your mom convinced you to buy that shirt. It looks great on you.

  3. your blog is awfully cute! i love your feminine style too, girl. also, can't get enough of this post's title. looking forward to more! xo.

  4. That blouse is lovely, I particularly like the ruffles. I know what you mean about work getting in the way of blogging! I've worked 8am-4pm Monday through Friday for years now. A good trick is to pick out your outfit the night before, and take photos then! It's also a good time to test the outfit out before it steps into the real world, in case something wonky is going on. I also often just re-do my makeup and fix my hair and take slightly-disheveled outfit photos after my day... I'm not going for magazine perfection anyway, I'm going for me natural me.


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