A New Way to Wear a Scarf

Dress and Scarf, Forever 21
Wedges, Kohl's

...or at least, new to me. I was taking these pictures and not digging this outfit, mainly because of the shoes (which I love, but at kind of a jean shoe, you know?) and the wind was blowing really hard and the scarf kept getting in my face. And I was almost to the point of, "Well, call it a day, I'm annoyed," when this happened: 

The scarf belt. And my life forever changed. (Also, who knew I could buy two items months apart and have them be the exact same shade of pale pnk?) 

These shoes are probably the most comfortable wedges I've ever worn, but they are kind of one trick ponies. As I mentioned, they look great with jeans -- dark blue jeans, my pink jeans, my gray jeans -- but unfortunately kind of look weird with anything about the knee. Also, they kind of demand attention and I wanted the focus to be on my dress. And me, really, rather than my feet. 

I'm really boring lately and have nothing else to write about! I'm getting ready for my trip to Las Vegas; I'm working everyday, and going running every night, and then raiding the pantry immediately after said run. I did bake some really good s'mores cookies the other day. I just glanced at that last picture and realized I really miss having my nails that color, with glitter tips. Must repeat. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful and lively Friday!


  1. I love everything about this outfit- ee! I love that scarf belt- what an awesome idea! And that dress is so lovely. What a pretty colour!

    Charlotte x

  2. I love how delicate and pretty the dress is - you pull off the color so well.

  3. This shade of pink looks so amazing on you. It goes very well with your coloring! :)


  4. Love your dress. Cute!


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