Picture Perfect: May 3

So many pictures, so little time! Do I take enough pictures of my nails? And coffee? And my nephew? I don't think so. 

1. An outfit I'm particularly proud of -- I love this yellow scarf. It brightens up my life! 

2. My pointer fingernails have been peeling like crazy!! Ok, it might not help that I compulsively chew on them. They've improved a lot from using nail strengthening base polish lately, though. 

3. Beautiful sky while driving home from work one night! 

4. I called this outfit "French Nautical," but most people at work told me I looked like the American flag. Hmph. 

5. I have many weaknesses... and one of them is bagels. 

6. Also, muddy buddies! This is just Chex cereal covered in a mixture of melted chocolate, peanut butter, and butter, and then coated in powdered sugar. It's delicious.

7. Essie's "Navigate Her"! One of my favorite nail polish colors, I think. 

8. My mom made this adorable cake for Easter!! She's very talented at decorating cakes. I love how concerned the blue peep looks! 

9. ... and the top of the cake was covered in M&Ms. Yum!

10. Daffodils! 

11. Mason on Easter -- I bought him that shirt (so we match). He's such a cutie! 

12. This is how I decorate my calendar at work. Also, do you like how I've labeled my 8am dentist appointment "gross"? 

13. Making daffodil flower pens at work. 

14-15. Finally broke down and bought a Revlon lip butter, which I reviewed! This was my first picture of it, as well as a picture of me wearing it. I actually wear this most days now! 

16. Leopard print shoes!! 

17. Chocolate-covered Oreos! For spring! I made them for Danny, but ate a few myself. 

18. Mason on his push scooter, that turns into a walker. Seriously, how cute is this child!? 

19. Homemade ginger snaps. I took most of these to work. Also ate a few. 

20. At work, with my yellow scarf. I don't remember how I got my hair to look so good that day, but darn, does it look cute!? 

21. Matte topcoat. I love this!! Although, it does make my nail polish chip very quickly. That's okay -- it makes it pretty! 

22. A free Dutch Bros coffee at work!

23. The daintiest, cutest little wee cupcake at work! It really was the perfect size... until I ate two of them. 

24. So, a one dollar bill I got had some very strange Sherlock Holmes movie propaganda. I have no idea what this means,  but it was etched all over this poor $1. I was also deeply embarrassed spending this -- I actually said, "I didn't write this weird stuff on this, I swear." 

25. I'm pretty much a solitaire champion! I finally learned how to play to get high scores every time. 

26-27. I made pizza at home! Caramelized onions and garlic, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Delicious! 

28. My new work pants, complete with a polka dot shirt. 

29. If this coin purse wasn't $40, I would probably have bought it! (Seriously, $40!?)

30. Panda necklace & Union Jack necklace! I love pandas and Brits.

31. Mason and I.

32. And Mexican food! This was an avocado tostada -- aka, my 'usual.'

33. A new flower ring!

34. My new panda necklace in action with my favorite purple lace dress.

35. I love this picture of Chloe! This was on a really warm, sunny day and she was just relaxing in a spot of sun, looking hilarious! I love how dainty her little paws always look. 

36. Mmm. My regular Carmelizer from Dutch Bros! 

37. Mucho Gusto for lunch! I got this while I was still sick and had almost no appetite. I told myself, "A good lunch will hit the spot!" I still felt sick afterwards, but it did taste good. 

28. Essie's "Buy me a Cameo" that my mom bought. I love this color! 

29. Essie's "Fiji" -- a white-pink color. It's a lot like Ballet Slippers, but a bit more peachy. 

30. And my new Rimmel "Violet Pop" lipstick. 

31. I love this outfit! Obviously...

32. Waiting in line for coffee on a beautiful day. It's always sunny when I have to work!

33. These are the most delicious cookies in the world, seriously.

34. Another day, another lunch in my car! This time I wore sunglasses to be, you know, incognito.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. i LOVE all the polka dots in that first set of photos. kinda your thing though huh? i'm basing this off your background. & i agree...forty bucks for that coin purse is absurd, but it's really cute! maybe it'll go on super sale. here's to hoping! xo.

  2. Cute photos! I also love the Revlon lip butter - mine is in Berry Smoothie!

  3. You eat lunch in your car? I walk home now, but I used to go to a park and lay out a blanket and read during my lunch hour. Also, I think you need to start baking tasty things for yourself and not feel guilty about eating said tasty things, because everything you mentioned baking here is for somebody else :P


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