Polka dots & lace

Skirt, Belt, Top, and Oxfords, Forever 21
Tank top, American Eagle
Flower ring, Forever 21
Nail polish, Essie's Lights with tips in OPI's Keep Me on my Mistletoes 

Remember when I said, about seven times, that I didn't understand why all the tops in stores were sheer? And how I hated it? And how I wouldn't ever pay for a shirt you could see through? Well, now I own three sheer tops and one tank top with a lace back. What's next? I start loving peplums. (Never.) 

This is just my newest lace top -- and it has a Peter Pan collar. Move over guys, we've got indie chic over here. 

I bought this top last Saturday after work. I was really tired and stressed, but I had that, "I deserve a thing" attitude. So I bought a top and some new underwear on sale. I also got a pair of panda print pajama pants at Forever 21. If only everything I owned could be covered in panda print. I really am going to try not to buy anything new for a few weeks, at least. I think I'm stocked for summer and I really do have to start being more efficient with my spending. Growing up is hard guys. 

Immediately after taking these photos, I somehow got my bright pink lipstick on this top. It came out, but I have express my inability to keep an article of clothing clean lately. My pink jeans are pretty much always a target (I've spot treated them about four times!) and now apparently this lace top is going to pick up that title as well. The lipstick came out after spot treating and washing it in the sink. 

It reminds me, though, of when I was little and my mom would never dress me in anything white because undoubtedly I would spill something on it or get marker on it. I remember once I was wearing these white with floral print jeans (so 90s) and my mom told me to be careful to not get a grass stain on them? Well, guess what I did? Fell off a play tire and got a huge grass stain on the knee. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. Ah this shirt is SO cute! I love this outfit so much!
    And I've just been saying the EXACT same thing on my blog about being messy. I've worn two or more outfits the last few days cause I keep spilling! Regression, much?

    Charlotte x

  2. Your hair is getting so long and full and pretty!

  3. you look so adorable! I just found out your blog but I'm loving it! :)

  4. that blouse is wicked cute and I of course love the collar! I tend to spill on myself a lot especially when I'm wearing white. Its like my reflexes know I'm wearing white and conspire against me to dirty it up.


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