Rave Review: elf's Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

In the recent weeks, I've been looking for a new concealer. I've always used Covergirl concealer sticks   - they look like lipsticks, really - and while they've always worked, they can be really sticky and thick, making it hard to cover certain areas (like the dark, thin skin under my eyes). I wasn't expecting Target to be carrying elf products, but, surprise, while I was looking for a new concealer pen, there they were, nothing over $6 in the entire display.

After a bit of deliberation, I chose the "Fair" color. It was between Ivory and Fair... Ivory seemed more yellow-y and Fair a bit more pinky, which I actually think should be reversed, but I'm not elf and they didn't ask me.

The color blends nicely into my skin though and covers the dark circles under my eyes really well. However, it is kind of hard to blend because it's a very thin formula -- which makes it great for under the eye, but not so easy to blend without feeling like I'm just wiping it off! I used the highlighter after powder, and on the area underneath my eyebrow and then underneath my eyes, mostly on then outer corners.

The highlighter definitely made me look more awake. I put a little more powder over the highlighter so it would say put but I definitely felt that it was something I could use without foundation and powder if I was in a rush.

For $3, I definitely feel like this is a better concealer for under my eyes than my previous Covergirl concealer. However, I've tested it to cover spots and it does not necessarily cover as well as I would like and seems like it sort of slides off during the day. (Don't you hate when make up does that!?) My pink skin and I really need a concealer that can cover everything well -- under eye circles and spots and red areas! I will continue to use this, but will probably move onto a different type when it's all done. I do love the highlighter though and may buy another one in the future just for the highlighter! 

elf under eye concealed and highlighter, from Target, $3.

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