Somebody left the gate open

Lace top, Forever 21
Tank top, American Eagle
Shorts, Lauren Conrad Collection
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Kitten heels, Unionbay
Earrings, Lauren Conrad Collection
Lightning nail polish by Sally Hansen 

Has anyone listened to LP? She's an artist I found on Spotify. There's a commercial that uses one of her songs -- "Into the Wild" -- and once I listened to the entire song, I felt sort of sad that it was being used in a commercial, but hey, a lady's gotta eat. However, it's a beautiful song -- in fact, her whole EP is pretty fantastic. Go give it a listen. You won't be disappointed. 

You know how I wrote yesterday about denim shorts? Well, funny enough I ended up going to shopping with my mom in the afternoon and tried on these shorts at Kohl's. They were on sale and were a perfect length. I hate bermuda shorts -- they always just look awkward -- so I'm glad these are short without being, you know, denim panties. I also tried on a pair of mint green shorts, which were cute, but I knew I would wear these ones more. Plus, I already own a pair of lavender shorts that I need to work out to fit back into. (Yikes.) However, if you're looking for a pair of mint shorts, check the Lauren Conrad section in Kohl's! 

I also got a new pair of earrings at Kohl's -- they are little dusty pink roses with a pearl inside. I don't wear earrings too often as my collection is really old and I hate studs. Plus, ears are just weird to me -- earrings get so weirdly dirty and are hard to clean. When I went to put these in, I panicked though, thinking my left ear piercing that closed up, but I eventually got it in. I haven't worn earrings since December and before that, I hadn't worn earrings in about 10 months to a year. 

You might be noticing my big sunglasses -- I got them at Forever 21 while looking for headbands. They were only $3 and totally worth it. They're pink! I'm thinking of maybe doing a fun summer accessories giveaway -- what would you all think of that? 

I'm still getting ready for Danny to arrive on Sunday. We're going to have a lot to do and figure out once he gets here, but I'm excited. I probably won't be doing too much shopping once he gets here, although we do want to have one fun shopping trip as a date. After that, we'll probably be lying low and doing a lot of thrifting for things!

Well, I hope you all have a great Wednesday! Today is the last day of my weekend -- they always go by so fast -- so it's back to work tomorrow. But I'm excited because, of course, Danny gets here Sunday!


  1. going to listen to the song now. you are absolutely adorable, girl!!
    xo TJ

  2. I love this entire outfit. You look really beautiful!


  3. These shorts look really good on you! Love the top too (collar is always a win in my book) and that yellow nail polish, so summery! xx

  4. I feel completely naked without earrings! I wear long dangling ones most of the time. I've never had a problem with any of my earrings getting dirty? A good go over with a Q-tip when you're fresh out of the shower is usually a good way to keep your ears clean, inside and out... Also, thrifting IS shopping silly :P


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