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Hello everyone! I'm still in Las Vegas, living the good life. I'll be back tomorrow, take a bit of a break, and then hopefully get back to my normal blogging schedule! For now though, I have an amazing nail art tutorial from Sophie of Sophie Etc., a lovely little beauty blog that I just discovered a few weeks ago! 

Hello there!
I'm Sophie from sophie etc, which is my beauty and fashion blog. I'm so excited to be posting on Michelle's blog today, especially as it's a nail art tutorial for you. I asked Michelle what sort of nail design I should do, and she said nautical or spring-themed, so I decided on this cute red and white stripe design with an anchor - very on trend and nautical! Here's a little step-by-step on how I did it, so you can try it too! 

Paint all your nails white except your ring finger, which you should paint dark blue. 

Take a thin paint brush dipped in red polish, or a striper pen, and do the red stripes on the nails you've painted white. Keep the brush still and rotate your finger sideways so you get a straight line. Don't worry about getting it around the sides, you can clean it up later! 

Take a kirby grip or large nail dotter to dot a white dot about 3/4 up your nail. Then take a thin paintbrush dipped in white or a white nail striper and  draw a line down from the dot. 

To make it look more like an anchor, do a curved line at the bottom of the line. Drag the brush inward towards the line for a precise line.

To finish off the anchor, draw to little triangles at the end of the curved line. The draw a short line across in the middle of the vertical line. Finish it off with a blue dot in the centre of the white dot. 

It's fairly easy to do, and takes little practice. It's perfect for summer and for adding some colourful fun to your outfit!

Seal it all off with a clear topcoat. You should wait for it to dry a bit more, (like I didn't...) so it doesn't smudge it all together! 

What do you think of my nautical nails? Are you going to give this a go? 

Sophie xx

Thank you to Michelle who let me post on her blog! :-) Don't forget to have a peek at mine for more nail art posts.

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  1. Very cute idea, I especially love the anchor. I'm too OCD to do it just like the tutorial but I would probably do a whole bunch of anchors. :)



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