The soundtrack to a July saturday night

Blazer, Top, and Skirt, Forever 21
Wedges, Target

Hello world! I've been wanting to pair my mint blazer with my black-and-white striped top (my pirate shirt, as Danny memorably called it last year!) forever, but the only outfit I could think of with it was with my lavender shorts, which I love, but I currently look horrible in. However, the marriage of red and mint is something I've been seeing everywhere and as I looked into my closet, I thought to myself, "Why aren't I pairing my red skirt with my mint blazer!?"

This photo was taken right before a twirl, so it looks like I've detached my calf.

I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow. Do I need to mention I'm nervous? I'm very nervous. I thought I had outfits picked out, but I am now doubting them. Instead of packing now, I'm just vaguely looking into my closet every few minutes or so. On the plus side, I went to Target yesterday after work (before I took these photos!) to pick up a few tiny things to take with me. I love travel size things. So tiny! So cute! 

I have some guest posts lined up for the days I'll be gone, but since I go back to work immediately Friday, I might be a little MIA for a few more days. 

Yesterday, I also realized that Target sells elf make up. When did this happen? So I picked up some concealer/highlighter for $3 and fully intend to buy some of their eyeshadow primer once my Urban Decay Primer Potion runs out. (I love you Urban Decay, but when a just-as-good primer is $3, I cannot justify you!) So they now sell OPI, including Nail Envy, Essie, elf, and various other previously one-location or internet-only brands. Is Target becoming the certified hipster shopping destination or is it just me?
(Has anyone else seen the Webster Collection at Target recently? Why is the internet not freaking out about it? The pieces are 100-times better than ANY of the designer collabs and a lot cheaper. High quality fabrics and sewing jobs and cute and, c'mon blogosphere, just because it isn't a designer name doesn't mean it does rock.) 

Well, I suppose that's all I have to talk about for now. I have today off and then, as I said, I leave tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, as well as a decent rest of the week! Wish me luck in Las Vegas!


  1. i love this look! love the stripes with your red skirt! the mint blazer wraps it all together! have a great time in vegas!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  2. awesome color combo. Target seriously sells everything now! I checked out that line at my local Target last weekend but nothing left was in my size.

  3. love this complete outfit, mint and red are so wonderful together! i must try this! hope you're having a wonderful time in las vegas! :)

  4. I know which shorts you mean, and they still look amazing on you. You are healthy and have a gorgeous body, don't be so hard on yourself!


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