Anchors & Dots

Top, Forever 21
Shorts, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's 
Belt, Forever 21
Sandals, Target
Hat, Target
Nail polish is Lightning by Sally Hansen 

Well, hello everyone. If you've found me from Charlotte's blog, then an extra hello!

I took these photos Wednesday evening and the quality isn't great, but I loved this outfit. The weather has been perfect here the last few days in Oregon, but it's supposed to get rainy again soon. However, on the plus side, Danny will be here Sunday for good!! And I'm never letting him leave me ever again. Unless it's an emergency. Of course. 

I love big hats! Forever 21 has a big rack of summer hats in right now -- just rows and rows of every color, style, weave, etc. -- and I kind of want to go crazy in it. I bought this white hat last summer and actually wore it quite a bit. In the past few years, I've gotten really good about taking care of my skin -- last summer was the first summer I didn't get an awful sunburn. Your skin is your largest organ, so damaging it is the exact same as smoking or being an alcoholic. You wouldn't purposefully give yourself liver damage, so why do the same to your skin?

Ok, I'm off my little soapbox. But I had to say it. Wear sunscreen. Don't purposefully tan. Moisturize. Wear a big hat. And the like. You all know the drill.

This outfit is very patriotic, what with the red-white-and-blue theme. I bought these shorts last year and didn't wear them nearly as much as I feel like I should have. They're very comfortable and light, which makes for good shorts. I sometimes don't know how to wear the multitude of polka dot items I own! I think I need to branch out to some other patterns, or solids, or something. I know I need to work on building the basics of my wardrobe (the number of times I've asked myself why I don't own just a solid white sweater or a red top is ridiculous), but it's hard to focus on that sometimes!

It's June! And also the start of Camp NaNoWriMo, which I stupidly signed up for. I don't know why I think I'll have time to write a 50,000 word novel while working full time, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.  More importantly, however, June is when it really starts to feel like summer; I think I've been in denial about summer starting. My life is so different from last year at this time; it just seems so strange. Part of me is very sad, because I've lost a lot in the last year -- mainly, my grandpa -- and it makes me miss hm a lot to think about last year. 

I hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. I love the mixing of prints in this outfit. I sorry about your grandpa but excited that Danny will be with you soon. :)


  2. Wow I love this outfit especially the top, it's so nice xxx

  3. Those shorts look great on you! You have such a lovely figure. The sun hat is very pretty, and I agree it's a good idea to protect ourselves from the sun. I really aught to wear hats more often, not just for that, but heat in general... my blonde hair doesn't help much at keeping the heat from beating into my poor skull, but it seems it's always much too windy to ever wear a proper sun hat anywhere!


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