Best Outfits of Spring 2012

Summer is fast approaching -- I'm still a bit shocked that it's June! In a few weeks, the weather will start being consistently nice, I'll not know what to wear to work (or anywhere, really), and Danny and I will undoubtedly be grilling everything we eat. This past spring has been an interesting fashion experiment: I've never worked full-time before, so squeezing in outfit photos into a 9 or 10 hour day is sometimes very difficult! However, I've gathered a handful of my favorite outfits from the last three months.

I love this picture, except for the derpy look on my face -- but don't we all look a bit derpy sometimes? I bought this dress the first full week I worked at my (then) new job and loved it immediately. In fact, I wore it yesterday! It's the perfect kind of dress to throw on in the morning when you're in a rush -- it goes with everything (all my blazers look great with it, plus most of my cardigans!) But it also is great for putting together a full outfit -- in the future, I know I want to try layering different skirts and pairing it with tights and socks! 

Did you notice I skipped a month? April is always a rough month for me (that and February!) and I literally didn't see one outfit that really struck me as amazing. Not that they weren't good. Just not... my favorites. This outfit, though, is still one of my favorites. I really want to wear this outfit at least once a week, but I hold myself back! That would get a little boring and there is nothing worse than good-outfit-burnout. This top is sheer and patterned and ruffled, so it teeters on the edge of being overly frou-frou. However, I still love it... because it goes so perfectly with my black pencil skirt! 

Ah, my pink jeans!! Sad story: these jeans have faded a lot to a coral color. Which is still pretty, but... they were such a pretty vibrant pink. (I secretly want another pair...) They are just a magnet for spills and random smears -- I mean, they've gotten black stuff smeared on them from who knows where! So I've had to wash them more times than I really wanted to. However, this outfit was the first thing I put on with them and it was just perfect. I actually wore this outfit to work. These jeans have seen Las Vegas (and lots of insane crying) and they've been part of most of my absolute favorite outfits. Really, they are the perfect jeans. 

Red and mint. I'd been trying to perfect this combination -- red and mint look good together, yes. But this blazer -- as much as I love it, it can be a bit... well, difficult to style. The shape and length sometimes just doesn't jive with the things I want to pair with it. This look just sort of happened. A few weeks before, I'd torn an outfit out of Glamour and put it in my outfit notebook and promptly forgot about it. But included a striped top under a blazer with shorts. And really, my pirate shirt (as Danny called it last year when I would wear it to class!) is one of my favorite tops. 

Danny said I look very "regal" in this picture. I definitely have an "Oh, hello there, welcome to my manor" look my face, so I can see it, I suppose. I love this outfit so much -- I actually can't wait to wear it to the coast with Danny once he's here. It's sort of the perfect casual outfit, mainly because it's super comfortable. I can eat anything in this skirt and not worry about my food baby belly. I love this floral dress -- I'm totally disappointed in myself for not wearing it more in the last year! I think it does have the ability to be versatile, I just have to get creative. 

I'm so excited for summer now -- Danny is here and I feel like my wardrobe has so many possibilities!


  1. My favorite is the one from the 14th- everything fits together so beautifully!

  2. these outfits are so great— i can't wait to add you to my google reader! i found your blog through lovelyish and i was just wondering if you are still using a point and shoot camera or were any of these taken with something else? thanks =]

    1. I use a Canon Rebel t2i, which is what I was using at Lovelyish as well! However, I started my blog using only a point and shoot -- if you have someone else to take your photos it helps a lot, but you might have problems with focus. Otherwise, any camera and a large standing tripod works! :]


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