Blast from the Past

Dress & Blazer, Forever 21
Flats, Old Navy

I feel like this is one of those blazers that other people will look at and say, "Why did you buy that?"

Because it is amazing, that's why. It's simultaneously floral and splatter paint and birds? and shrubbery and abstract art. It's an ode to the 80s. And my childhood playhouse. (It was splatter painted, ok? It was the 90s.) Basically, it's a jumble -- a veritable grab bag of nostalgia and retro. I love it paired with this dress, but I wore an outfit to work this week that I think shows off this blazer in a much better way. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to photograph it this weekend, because it was great. The greatest, perhaps. 

This is one of my absolute favorite dresses ever but I've been having a lot of feelings lately about the fact that it doesn't fit as well as it used to. I kind of avoided thinking about it by just not wearing this dress, but I like it too much to just ignore it and pretend that I shrank it in the wash. I didn't shrink it, guys. The bottom is too tight -- so tight that it actually rides up a lot if I try to wear it in a setting where I'll actually be moving, which is always. This sort of all circles back to that "I'm going to lose weight or something" idea I've had for, oh, about a month. This dress is just sort of proof that, yeah, with those additional seven or so pounds, my thighs have expanded, however minutely. At least enough to make this dress visibly tighter than it used to be. Since I'm only 5'2", the five... or six... or maybe seven pounds I've gained is actually a substantial amount. I'm kind of ready to not have it anymore, but it's really hard to talk myself out of a handful of delicious maui onion chips. Or to talk myself into doing track drills when I really just want to lie on the couch and eat... chips. There, I admitted it. I'm at work about 10 hours a day and commute another hour or so a day, so by the time I'm home, I only have about two hours before I have to go to sleep to repeat it all again!

I'm kind of terrible at motivating myself. At least when it comes to exercising control, if that makes sense. I'm really good at getting work done -- writing blog posts, organizing my closet, doing the laundry, going to work, those kind of things. When it comes to controlling bad habits, I'm exceedingly bad at those goals -- exercising, eating more vegetables, whatever. I fail at them. I guess what I'm saying is: I'm going to start holding myself accountable for my actions and I need to start dealing with a stress in a way that doesn't include eating my body weight in maui onion chips. I'm publicly stating it so maybe I'll actually start doing it. When it comes down to it, I'm really just letting stress get to me in a way that makes me ever more stressed and unhappy. Thereby, not really fixing anything in the long run. 

Hold me accountable, people! Sometimes, it feels really stupid to be taking five pounds so seriously, but if something makes it difficult for me to enjoy the things I love (like getting dressed in the morning), then I really feel I need to tackle them. It's also hard because so many weight loss plans and websites are designed for people who need to lose considerably more weight than I need to, so I feel silly signing into My Fitness Pal to put my weight loss goal as "7 pounds!" Also, researching fitness and healthy recipes often leads to these kinds of thoughts:"Well, I don't need to lose 50-100 pounds and this website is telling me I don't need to lose weight, but I still want to. Am I unhealthy? Do I have an eating disorder? Are the internet weight loss police going to hunt me down!?" Which ultimately stresses me out way more than anything else!

Instead, I've decided to use some workouts I haven't done in forever -- track conditioning drills! When I ran track in high school, I always got super fit and felt great, plus they're super easy to do and good for getting into shape quickly. Making my own work out plans is a lot more fun and interesting than trying to work off someone else's.

I hope you all have a good Thursday!


  1. I know I'm having the same issue with some clothes and I'm the same way I'm horrible at motivating myself. But can i just say I think your thighs look amazing in that dress. And I love the floral blazer. And your hair. Okay you just look super cute haha

  2. I love your hair in these pictures! It looks great. I'm trying to start working out but, I fail completely at self-motivation.


  3. I totally agree with the motivation thing! I want to run often and eat healthy, but I just finished my exams, so I didn't have much time to exercise, and celebrated my first days off with lots of greasy food :D But I try to go back to healthy from tomorrow on! Keep it up! Love that blazer btw ;) xx


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