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Actually, I want to connect with you! Today's #fbloggers chat got me thinking... I love making new friends and chatting about fashion, nail polish, girly things, or not so girly things, and I think those who read my blog are, well, obviously interested in a few of those things! It always feels condescending to say "my readers" -- because you're people and there is more to you than that! I want to be able to say "my friends!" So I decided to send out a request for your Twitter, Tumblr, or Blog addresses (or all three!) so I can follow back, holla back, and generally annoy you with "what I'm eating" updates! :] 

Just so everyone knows, you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Chictopia, and Facebook! Please leave me links to whatever social media site you love to have chats on... or the link to your blog!


  1. http://panesmetoremember.tumblr.com/


    I'm most certainly not the writer you are. And mostly I write what I am thinking/feeling at the time as an outlet. But if you would like to check out either or both of these, go right on ahead, my dear.

  2. Such a cute post and what a lovely blog you have! I'm following :)

    I think blogger chats are the best way forward - great to network and find people with similar interests.



  3. connect with me, I love reading your blog! (:

    abiggirlinthissmallworld.blogspot.com !

  4. Love your blog! I cannot believe i only just found it!

    Nafisah xo


  5. Ah, you already have me on twitter, but here's my blog and tumblr:

    oh and I saw I'm in your blog love list, but still with my old blog name (Shoes & Polka dots), would you mind changing it? Thank you! xx

  6. I have a twitter account but I haven't used it in ages. I found it way too overwhelming and a total time-suck. My blog is definitely my constant, that and Facebook.


Thank you for reading my blog! :]
xo Michelle

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