Cooking Cutie: Lemon Lime Water

Father's Day weekend, my mom introduced me to lemon-cucumber water. Danny loved it, but, since I'm not a huge fan of cucumbers (I mostly dislike the smell of them!), I decided not to make lemon cucumber water. However, at our barbecue, we talked about what kind of other combinations to make. 

Watermelon and cucumber. 

Strawberry and lime. 

Plain lime. 

Danny and I settled on trying lemon lime. We bought a bunch of lemons and limes at the grocery store. At home, we promptly got to filtering water through our Brita (we have well water, sometimes it's necessary to filter) and slicing lemons to add to our fancy dispenser. 

You'll need approximately 1 gallon of water, plus one lemon and one lime. (Or... whatever fruit you want to use, really!) Slice your fruit and throw it in a large enough container. I like using a pitcher or dispenser, just so nothing gets messy! Add water. Chill in the fridge for as long as you like. Then, enjoy!

Crisp, clean, delicious water with a hint of fruitiness! It's not overwhelmingly fruity -- in fact, it "tastes" like normal water. But it smells like lemon-lime goodness. And is there anything better than that on a hot summer day? 

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! 

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  1. aw, so fabulous! this just sounds and looks absolutely delicious!!
    xo TJ


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