Dorothy the Mermaid

Shoes, Wal Mart // Dress, Target // Sweater, Old Navy // Belt, Forever 21

Meet my Dorothy shoes. They are glittery. They have a bow. They are red. And they are a children's size 3. They were only $5. Saturday morning - when I took these photos - it was raining, and off-and-on cloudy. And I felt like my outfit needed red shoes. And finally, I had the perfect moment to wear my Dorothy shoes.

These pictures turned out really strange because I accidentally kept my white balance settings at the ones I use for indoor photos. Oops. However, I've been testing out some new locations for photos so I'm kind of exciting. I've also been hurrying when taking photos lately, so alas, blurry photos.

This seems like a good moment to segway into talking about this outfit. I've been sort of bent on finding other ways to wear this dress and I think... I think this is a really good compromise. I don't have to worry about the top staying folded over when I wear it into a skirt, but I also don't have to worry about the plunging necklace because, bam, I've popped a sweater on over it!! Now that I own severe short sleeved cardigans, I can now start playing with those over this dress and maybe, maybe, I will wear it on a consistent basis from now on! 


I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!


  1. child size 3?! holy moly your have little feet! Those shoes are really fun and cute. I wish I had feet as small as yours. Shoes would be so much cheaper.

  2. I love all your smiles in these pictures. So happy and beautiful. :)



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