Evening walk

Ok, this isn't the most stunning outfit. But Danny and I went for a walk and I'm teaching him to use my camera... and he actually did a really good job taking photos of me! I love these shorts and I love this top -- I mean, it is polka dotted after all. Obviously, shorts, a tank top, and old boots are the most fashionable, but it's what I really wore, and who doesn't love a good comfy, walking outfit? 

The best part is that Danny is getting better at using my camera, I'm getting better at posing with someone else taking photos, and all that means is that I have so many more options for outfit photos now! 

You might also notice my ponytail! My hair is getting so long and I love this headband from Forever 21. It broke while I was at work, but I managed to tie it back together and I don't think it's too noticeable. 

I've been feeling really bad about my body again lately -- I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I'm not at where I want to be, weight wise, and it's so hard to change, working a sedentary job where my boss likes to feed me! Today, my head boss gave me his coffee that he ordered, but decided he didn't want, and then another manager sent me to get him ice cream and told me to get something for myself. And how could I resist? Plus, I ate a pack of cookies before that! And I had had my day all planned out on MyFitnessPal!

On the plus side, my mom brought me one of her old treadmills to have in my house, which means I can now run every night and not worry about going outside. So maybe I can start getting back in shape and losing a little bit of weight. I just need to lose the five or so pounds I've gained since starting my new job. 

Top, American Eagle 
Shorts, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's 
Boots, Old Navy 
Headband, Forever 21
Sunglasses, Forever 21

Danny had a phone interview today! I was so excited for him. I hope it leads to something, but whoever knows with things as they are. I know he really wants to work -- sometimes, it's hard to be someone who loves to work so much and who needs a lot to do. We are both like that and my job currently gives me enough to occupy my time and make me feel like I'm accomplishing something. I leave Danny a list of chores to do around the house, but it's hard to know that he wants to work so much but things are so difficult right now! I know he'll find something, because he's amazing. 

Well, I hope you all had a good day and have a wonderful Friday! I work a half day tomorrow, so Danny and I are going to a movie after I get off work and then grocery shopping. Going to try not to have something horribly unhealthy for lunch. Being strict and controlled starts tomorrow! 


  1. Yay for a photographer :) and if it makes you feel better, the weight gain isn't noticeable at all!

  2. Strict control really isn't the best way to go about changing your eating habits or losing weight. It's like punishing yourself, when you don't need to be! Instead of cutting things OUT, try and ADD things to your diet. Want to eat fried chicken? Think up a healthy side dish, and then dish out reasonable proportions of the foods (ie 8 pieces of fried chicken and two lettuce leaves a balanced meal do not make). Feel guilty about eating a cookie? Eat a carrot after. Or even better... eat a carrot/apple/healthy thing and then decide if you still really want that sugary/fatty thing. And sorry for this comment essentially turning into rules but, I just really hate to see or here a perfectly healthy, gorgeous young woman fret about her weight and essentially plan to force herself into an abusive and self-detrimental diet cycle. Because what do you do when you finally can't take restricting anymore? Most people overindulge. And then hate themselves for it. And go back on a restricted diet. And then eventually indulge... This is how eating disorders are started. So yeah. Take care of yourself, eat healthy things but don't deny yourself the sweet treats. If you want something fun and physical to do, how about you and Danny have a little dance party? It's more fun than a treadmill and a half hour's active dancing is still a work out (hello Zumba). Again I let this ramble on ages so I'll shush up because you are an adult and perfectly capable of making healthy choices for yourself. I just have to share sometimes :P And... I really love those boots!

  3. i really love the scenery in your pictures! we don't really have scenery like that where i live!



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