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I'm a terrible person and have been sitting on these pictures since Tuesday, but have been too lazy to actually write anything. Danny took them and he did an good job, although it feels weirder posing for photos he's taking than on my own. I can't be alone in that, right? Plus, it was so sunny out, we had a hard time getting a good angle, and he is new to learning my camera, so I kept trying to teach him and explain while getting my photo taken and that is mostly a weird experience. There are so many pictures of me talking and pointing at him!

Jeans, American Eagle // Top, Forever 21 // Leopard print flats, Old Navy 

This was just a comfy running errands outfit I wore on Tuesday. Danny and I seriously ran around everywhere getting stuff taken care of. What stuff? I picked up my check. We stocked up on everything at Costco thanks to Danny's parents. We got him a new phone and got his prescriptions in order. Cleaned up the kitchen. Got stuff put away. Unpacked a bit. Got two car titles put in my name and my own insurance policy started. Opened Danny a bank account. Bought a PO box. Generally did grown up errands. I felt really grown up, but mostly like I was spending all the money.

Today I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well -- I ended up going into the doctor and didn't get a lot of answers from that, unfortunately. But I did get an antibiotics prescription, so I'm hoping I'll start to be on the mend. Danny is getting settled in -- I was planning to take some pictures of both of us, but with how busy we've been, that unfortunately didn't happen. Maybe next weekend! He did apply for his first "grown up" job today -- I'm so proud of him! He's away from his family and doesn't know a lot of people, which is so different; I've always been the one separated from my family and it's hard to be on the other side. I almost don't know how to deal with it! But I'm glad he's here and we always take good care of each other.

I hope you all had a good Thursday and of course, have a good Friday!


  1. Looking lovely as always Michelle! That top is so pretty =) Haha that sort of thing always happens when I'm getting Ben to take my photo - I'll be ordering him to take some of waist upwards or something and end up with flailing hands in photos!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. I love this outfit! Actually I've never taken my photos alone, it's always my boyfriend who does it, because I feel pretty weired alone with the camera ;-)
    The top is very beautiful!

    xxx Anita

  3. that is one cute blouse. It sounds like you two have been busy little bees. I hope you can take some time and relax this weekend. feel better soon!

  4. I know what you mean about it being odd having someone else take your outfit photos, I'm so used to doing it myself.


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