My Life in Instagram: June 19

I haven't done one of these in what feels like forever (do I always say that?) but I trimmed down the number of photos so I don't bombard you guys with "and here's a picture of my face"! The past month really has felt insane and it's gone by so fast - I feel like I was just anxiously waiting for Danny to arrive and now he's been here for three weeks. Three weeks! That's insane. 

1: This is a Douglas Lily. They grow wild and are very difficult to cultivate, but they are my favorite flowers! Since I live in the woods, they are really abundant in late May, early June, but then disappear later in June, which is happening now. I love them though! 

2: I love this outfit, mainly because I love sweater and scarves. Missin' you already, Spring. 

3: Scotch broom (which I feel like I always have called Scotch Bloom, but apparently that's wrong)! It's considered a noxious weed in Oregon, which is a mean way of saying "native plant that we don't like." It causes a lot of allergies because it produces so much pollen, but it's so bright yellow and pretty! 

4: I found this little cowboy doll while on a run. No idea who it belonged to, but from Googling, it seems to have been from a set made in the late 1970s... 

5: I love my big pink sunglasses!

6-7: Pretty skies! Oregon is beautiful.

8: I took this driving past King Estate, a winery in Lorane, Oregon, aka pretty much the prettiest ever. 

9: A simple outfit for a day out and about with Danny!

10: Onion rings with ranch! Whenever Danny's here, we always eat at Dickie Joe's, an independent burger joint in Eugene. They have the best onion rings, probably because they slice an onion on the spot for orders!

11: My favorite nails ever.

12: "Gem" by Zoya. Love this color, although it feels a little dark for summer sometimes. 

13: Coral nails & polka dots!

14: Another meal at Dickie Joe's with Danny! I tried their hot dogs and let me just say -- delicious! We also got a vanilla milkshake to share.

15: My Father's Day outfit -- I think it's a good Dad-vibe, right?

16: Starbucks! I have been trying not to drink as much coffee, but sometimes, it's necessary. 

17: This is my face today! This is my Rimmel lipstick, Lasting Finish by Kate in 01.

18: Ombre nails -- pink, coral, orange. I really love these.

19: I've been working on making flyers for my freelance photography business. Kind of exciting.

20: Today's outfit. Kind of boring and my mirror is shockingly dusty!

Hope you all are having a good day!


  1. I love red lipstick. I feel like my life is better in red.

  2. your pink sunnies are so cute!


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