NOTD: Glitter Angles

This is actually my "go to" nail when I don't know what else to do! I think I first tried it or got the idea for it a few weeks ago and have been bouncing between it and others for a few weeks now. I haven't posted it though, so I thought I finally should. 

I use Essie in Fiji as the base coat. I love Fiji the color, but it takes up to three coats for it to be as opaque as I like it, which is kind of a drag when you're impatient, like me! Once it's all dry, I take a long piece of scotch take and put it on my skin a few times to make it not so sticky. Then, one nail at a time, I position it at an angle and use a pink-blue glitter combo I bought for 50 cents at Target. I then remove the tape and use the same piece on the next nail. No use wasting tape!

I usually do the top left side of the nails on my left hand and the top right side on my right hand, so when I put, say, my thumbs together, it forms an arrow in the nails! 

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! 


  1. ooh that's a great idea, and not too difficult for someone who is as clumsy like me :) Haha I love your pink keyboard too! xx

  2. cute idea! I think I might be too impatient to wait for three coats to dry but I want to try the glitter angle idea soon!


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