NOTD: "Love Your Life," Nicole by OPI

A few weeks ago, a found this glitter polish in Target; I decided not to buy it then, but I kept thinking about it. I mean, it's heart glitter. How can anyone resist that? Before Danny got here, I thought I'd treat myself to one last nail polish, as we'll be on a tight budget for the rest of the summer, or at least until Danny gets a job. This is the one I chose! 

I paired it with "Fiji" by Essie. I absolutely loved the result. The polish is super cute, with little specks of glitter among pink hearts. However, the hearts have a really difficult time sticking to the brush, so it took a lot longer to get two hearts on each nail than I thought it would! That being said, I still love this polish and I'll probably use it a lot more. Just, only when I have the time!

This is probably one of my favorite nails ever -- I don't foresee myself ever needing to buy another bottle of this glitter, but if I needed to, I definitely would. Because, c'mon, little heart glitters. Irresistible. 

In other news, I saw an ad for OPI's Minnie Mouse inspired line and can I just say? Ladies better step back, because that Mickey Mouse glitter polish is all mine. 


  1. Oh, pretty!

    Chelle x

  2. ooh, such a sweet & romantic nail polish! Very appropriate now that Danny is back ;) xx

  3. So cute! I just found your blog through twitter and couldn't help but fall in love with this nail combo!
    Louise x



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