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I feel like I haven't written a proper post in days. Here's my most recent news: my work schedule has changed so I now work a regular, real person schedule (Monday through Friday). Which is why I'm home on a Sunday. It will be really nice to have real weekends and once Danny gets a teaching job, we will have time together for sure. Which is the best that I could ask for, really.

Today, Danny and I went to register for our wedding at Target. We're super lame though and only have about 25 things on our registry. I couldn't think of anything else to add -- I mean, really, what do we need besides some high quality pots and pans and maybe a broiler pan? Afterwards, we went to lunch at our favorite place, Dickie Joe's. I went for a run and now we're getting ready to go my grandma's birthday dinner. See, this is the highlight of real weekends. 

I love this outfit, but I didn't do a very good job of folding this dress into a skirt, so it gives me way more of a stomach pooch than I actually have (I think? I don't know, I did eat a ball park style hot dog earlier, as well as fries and a milkshake, so maybe it's a food baby and I'm just blaming the dress). I actually have thought about maybe just cutting the top of this dress off and sewing the top over to make it a skirt 100% of the time. But I know if I did that, the next day I'd want to wear it as a dress. I'm just that kind of person.

When Danny and I ran errands last week, I bought another pair of these sunglasses -- I have them in pink as well as white. I can't drive without sunglasses on, at least in the spring and summer, and I try to always wear them whenever I go outside -- sun damage is real, y'all, and it can occur on your eyeballs too. 

Dress (worn as a skirt), Target
Top, Forever 21
Camisole, Costco 
Belt, Kohl's 
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Nail polish is "Lights" by Essie with "Love your Life" glitter by Nicole 

Danny and I watched the original Alien and then Aliens. I'd never seen them before, but was weirdly riveted. I know they aren't technically "horror" films, but I was terrified through both of them. I mean, gigantic phallic aliens terrorizing a ship full of people? That's scary. We've mostly been watching movies and cooking dinner together, which is great. I'm excited to see Prometheus now, so hopefully Danny and I can go see it next weekend. Either that or the Avengers, which I haven't seen either. 

Hope you all have a good rest of your Sunday and a good week as well.


  1. Love the sunglasses!! It is very true that you can sun-damage your eyes too, I have a friend who burnt her eyes really badly from the reflection of the water when she was doing watersports that she couldn't see for about a week and had to sit in a dark room all the time, it's crazy what the sun can do to you!
    And I love the dress as a skirt, I can't even see the pooch/food baby so don't worry, I think it's just the way you're scrutinizing it =)

  2. I dont see any food baby. Not at all :)

    Did you register for a dutch oven and/or casserole dishes? I would have never thought to but I seriously use those things all the time.

  3. Such a pretty outfit :) Love the sunglasses and the shorts are the perfect length <3 Pics are so full of sushine - beaut'!


  4. Love the dress worn as a skirt. Cute!


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